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Grisha Balasanyan

Did Ambassador's Wife Loan Her Hubby 40,000 Euros...with Interest?

Arsen Shoyan, Armenia’s Ambassador to Bulgaria since January 2011, declared a whopping 63,230 Euros in revenue for the year.

40,000 was in the form of a loan and the rest, his salary.

That year, Shoyan purchased an Audi Q5 for 39,801 Euros. Pretty nice ride, right?

His wife Lousineh Abrahamyan declared 37.669 million AMD in revenue for 2011.  Almost 22 million were dividends and the rest salary from two jobs.

It seems that she too loves expensive cars. She purchased a $43,000 Toyota Prado in 2011.

It would appear that she was the one who loaned the ambassador the 40,000 Euros because her financial disclosure lists a loan in that exact amount.