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Edik Baghdasaryan

We know who the owners are

This site adjacent to the Opera House is owned by Member of Parliament Levon Khachatryan. It was given to him by the former mayor ofYerevan, Robert Nazaryan. Everything was legally registered. According to the Government’s 2001 Decision # 286, public officials (the only people who build caf?s in the city center) may obtain 20-square- meter plots that they may later expand as they like. Every outdoor caf? inYerevanhas been so expanded. It was all in accordance with government regulations. In May 2002, the government passed another decision that would limit the enlargement to 20 square kilometers. But this decision simply doesn’t work.

Thus, Khachatryan got his 20 square meter site and he expanded it. The structure now obstructs the view the Opera House fromSayat Nova Street. It may still be possible to halt construction. A few months ago, we asked Narek Sarkissyan,Yerevan’s chief architect, if any of the new structures around the Opera House preserved the design that the city’s architecture department had approved. He said they did not.

The government has received grants to fight corruption. All of the cafes in what used to be the park surrounding the Opera House are in fact illegal, making this the perfect field for the fight against corruption. Ladies and gentlemen of the government, make your move-implement the national anti-corruption program. Can you fight the owners of these cafes?

Of course not.

So that everyone understands why it’s impossible, beginning today we will reveal the real owners of these cafes. We know who they are. This one belongs to Member of Parliament Levon Khatchatryan.