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Gagik Aghbalyan

2018 Yerevan Budget : $13.1 Million to Pay Municipal Salaries, $236,000 to Neuter Stray Dogs

The Yerevan Municipality wants to spend AMD 78.934 million ($368,000) to replace the elevator and central air conditioning system in its building.

The planned for expenditure is included in Yerevan’s estimated 2018 budget.

At the same time, the municipality has only allocated AMD 400,000 to purchase equipment for medical centers, and AMD 6.4 million to buy clothes for needy children.

Here are some other expenditures listed in next year’s estimated budget.

31.6 million – to cover funeral costs for needy families

55 million – to develop tourism in Yerevan

5 million – to make public transportation more accessible to sight impaired passengers and to install automatic announcement systems at bus stops

14 million – to maintain and repair statues and other cultural assets

6.4 billion – to pay municipal salaries

114.6 million – to neuter stray animals

785.5 million – to pay bonuses/awards and other cash incentives

45 million – to hang flags

14 million – to receive an international credit rating from Fitch Ratings Inc. (In 2016, the municipality signed an agreement with Fitch that calls for a rating review every two years)

444 million – to organize street parking in Yerevan (more red lines, more signs explaining how to pay)

As drafted, the 2018 budget has AMD 48 million deficit.