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Diana Ghazaryan

Extremely Poor in Armenia - Pensioners Living in Rural Communities

According to a new report of poverty published by Armenia’s National Statistical Service (NSS), those with college degrees are two times less likely to be poor than those with just a high school degree.

Entitled “2018-The State of Poverty in Armenia”, the report finds that those with higher education degrees are the least likely to live in “extreme poverty” when compared to individuals with other education degrees.

High school graduates, however, comprise 50.8% of those registered as living in poverty in Armenia.

Not surprisingly, the report points out that the poverty rate among households without a working member is 35.8%, and the extreme poverty rate, 3.7%.

The last poverty report published by the NSS was in 2008.

A comparison of the figures in both shows that poverty rates increased for those employed and unemployed.

The report claims that the poverty rate among those receiving retiree pensions has dropped by 11%.

Nevertheless, pensioners living in Yerevan are less likely to live in poverty as those living in rural communities by a factor of 1.4, and less likely to live in poverty than those living in other urban communities by a factor of 1.2.