Friday, 20 July

Armenian Priest Threatened by Jehova's Witnesses

Father Yesaye, pastor of the Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church located in the Malatia-Sebastia district of Yerevan, told Hetq that he was threatened yesterday by two young followers of the Jehovah's Witnesses.

According to the Armenian priest, the two were proselytizing on church grounds and became "aggressive" when he told them to leave.

"Since they didn't identify themselves, I tried to photograph them with my cell phone but they grabbed it from my hands. I tried to take it back but they hit my hand and began to threaten me, saying 'you'll get yours' and other such words," said Father Yesaye.

The church pastor told Hetq that the two youths had stopped a couple of congregants and that's when he stepped in.

The local police have been called in to investigate.

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Comments (84)
1. Anulik14:40 - 16 May, 2011
2. Boris16:59 - 16 May, 2011
Watch now as the Jehovah's Witnesses cult defenders (mostly from America) come out to deny that they are violent. The predatory American Watchtower cult is sleaze and fraud and the world is finding out.
3. haykUS17:16 - 16 May, 2011
All these US sects must be thrown away from Armenia. Iegovas, 7 days saints, mormons all evil organizations and should be restricted from coming and registering in Armenia. Our gov. is corrupt, weak and church is corrupt.
4. ughhh19:11 - 16 May, 2011
do you actually believe the "local police" will do anything? they don't do anything when a husband beats his wife to death, so by having some jehovahs "slap" some church guys wrist, do you think they'll interfere? But who knows, maybe if they strike some fear in the police mens souls, and pay them a good deal, shit will get done.
5. ARARAT21:30 - 16 May, 2011
Menq Qo het enq Ter Yesayi jan, chmtatses, petk lini kjartenq ed aghandavor anasunnerin, dranq der chgiten, vor mer yeritasardner@ vor kataghecin kveracnen ed azgi davajhan lktinerin!!! Shaters patrast enq vochnchacnel dranc vorjer@ parzapes spasum enq mer Hogevorakanneri hramanin, togh chmtatsen, vor mer yeritasardner@ pasiv en, voch u yerbeq, cankacats jamanak patrast enq!!!!!
6. Hansel00:17 - 17 May, 2011
This guys story sounds like a huge lie. If they didn't identify themselves how does he know they are Jehovah's witnesses and if he knew they were JW without them saying so then It could be ta
7. Hansel00:26 - 17 May, 2011
This priest is a liar. Everyone knows the high moral standards JW have. What about the priest moral reputation? Well, his religion has paid out millions of dollars to victims of sexual abuse by pedaphile priest. No ,I rather believe JW over priest any day.
8. SYREN00:38 - 17 May, 2011
Ed inchu ek aydpes zayracac u zarmacac. Zayranaik ayn jamanak, erb Hayastanum Ehovakannern petakan grancum stacan .
9. emeth02:05 - 17 May, 2011
Blessed is the mighty nation of Jehovah. No lies.. no force on earth can stop them.
10. Varaz Syuni in Amsterdam03:40 - 17 May, 2011
Hayastanum nuynisk KYUCHI amena-melki "biznesmeny" 1000 hat "kirt" TIKNAPAH uni.................................Paronayk HAY եկեղեցու hogevorakanner---- MERSEDESNEROV frfralu POXAREN ayd POXY ogtagortsek u TIKNAPAHNER/Security vardzek............................PS. HAY Astvats(ner) - Haykakan Lernashxarhum.
11. Brescia03:45 - 17 May, 2011
Put both followers in jail. Prosecute their master for teaching these young followers to become aggressive. Abolish this Un_Christian sect from Armenia. I, guess, Russia does not permit Jehovah's witnesses to operate in their teritory; Why should we let this backwards sect to operate in Armenia? France has some reservations about this sect, too. Some European countries like or defend this sect; then deport them there and good luck to their future youngsters.
12. dck03:54 - 17 May, 2011
This all sounds suspiciously wrong
13. TOM ROOK05:24 - 17 May, 2011
I was not there, I do not have photographs ... but the probability of Jehovah's Witnesses doing violence to ANYBODY is so small as to be disregarded. It is so small, that the ACCUSATION of a Jehovah's Witness hitting someone's hand in Armenia is world news, and I heard about the accusation here in the United States, When such drivel makes world news we know we are not dealing with the Gestapo. Tom.Rook@Technik-SA.US
14. Hay09:35 - 17 May, 2011
Mez petq chen axandavorner. Tox gnan iranc harazatnerin qarozen. Enqan en lktiacel, vor arden mtnum en Ekexeci u Qahanayin cecum en
15. Karine11:06 - 17 May, 2011
Որ Եհովայի վկարենը արդեն քահանայի վրա են ձեռք բարձրացնում, հետաքրքիրա ում մեղքնա ??? Ողորմելիներ, եթե դա ձեզ Եհովանա սովորացրել, որ բանակ չպետքա գնաք, այլ ներսում պետքա կոկորդ կրծեք, ուրեմն իրան փոխանցեք, որ իրա վկաները թուրքից էլ բեթար են... Ով որ իրանց ղեկավարնա, իրա նպատակին հասելա, էշացրելա էն թույլ ու տգետ մասսային, որ փողոցներում ընկած մարդ են ման գալիս իրանց թալակը քցեն: Մինչև հիմա անտարբեր անցնում էի իրանց կողքով երբ փորձում էին ինչ որ հարց տալ, հիմա արդեն կվիրավորեմ հաստատ:
16. Schmavon11:25 - 17 May, 2011
Armenian Church is threatened cause it has fealures, No PR polivy about these sects, bad bahaviours, Apostolic Church of Armenia must work on his new chalenges, I mean , to definy new princips and values
17. Antranik12:03 - 17 May, 2011
Here is the solution to the Jehovah's False Witnesses problem in Armenia: Take all the JW males age 14 to 65 to the front in Karabakh and hand them a cheap Chinese-made AK-47 and then send them into enemy territory over the land mines or in helicopters drop them behind enemy lines or from aircraft drop them with parachutes, and then wait. If they decide not to shoot their way through enemy forces back to Karabakh territory then the enemy will kill them or take them prisoner and Armenia will be free of them. If the JW males decide to shoot their way back through enemy forces to Karabakh territory then they will have figured out that the JW teaching against fighting is bogus and then they will see the lies of JW-ism and then we will have our brothers back in body and soul. Either way, all the JW males will cease to exist - either they will have been killed by the Azeris or they will have rejected and spurned JWism and returned to Christianity. And without any JW males, all the JW females will not have any means to reproduce and the JW cult will die off.
18. Sergei12:35 - 17 May, 2011
Jehovah's Witnesses are known for not even fighting back when attacked, so anyone accusing them of starting violence is obviously suspicious. Look at how they responded to violence in Bulgaria .
19. Antranik17:21 - 17 May, 2011
As the leader of the most highly respected (Christian) Youth Union, Fr. Yesayan is a well-known priest here in Armenia and the young people in his Church youth organization are known for their impeccable manners and politeness. Anyone who would accuse Fr. Yesayan of lying or making slanderous accusations would be instantly self-discredited. Learn who you are accusing before you accuse.
20. Jay17:40 - 17 May, 2011
If you want to know the truth about how Armenia abuses their people. just look here http://
21. JAy17:41 - 17 May, 2011
Եթե ​​ցանկանում եք իմանալ ճշմարտությունը, թե ինչպես է Հայաստանի չարաշահումների իրենց ժողովրդին. Պարզապես նայեք այստեղ http://
22. Varaz Syuni in Amsterdam20:48 - 17 May, 2011
Yes aysor mamulum kardatsel em vor ays Եսայի քահանան VIRAVORAKAN u DISCRIMINATION baner e aysel Hayatsani MIASERAKANNERI hastsein......................Yes sa hamarum em LRIV ANYNDUNELI u ATELUTIUN GRGROX Hayastani HAMA-KAXAKATSINERI dem..........................................................Paron քահանա- Herik inchkan DZER ARJEKY "bartsratsrik" URISHNERIN VIRAVORELU u PITAKNER kptsnelu HASHVIN..............................................................PASTN ayn e, vor HAY ARAKELAKAN YEKEXETSIN aysor (hatkapes Hayastanum) CRISISI MEJ e. Sra vra KENTRONATSEK - KAVUTIAN NOXAZNER pntrelu poxaren...........................U 'MI datek, vor CHdatvek'.
23. yoodaliar21:47 - 17 May, 2011
This is obviously a blatent attempt to smear the GOOD reputation of Jehovah's Witnesses. His people are learning the truth from them....They are leaving the lie.
24. gino02:49 - 18 May, 2011
I see an orchestrated campaign of persecution starting in Armenia. Armenia's citizens would do well to look at what JWs teach, and they will then see that these are peaceful people. The accusations are false. Please see for information about other acts of persecutions against them. All they want to do is to follow Jesus' command at Matthew to "preach about God's Kingdom", which will soon come.
25. Daniel Metz06:44 - 18 May, 2011
I am a Jehovah's Witness born in Canada but living in South Korea. The article does not say why Mr. Yesaye was certain that the two young men where Jehovah's Witnesses. Their behaviour is certainly against everthing taught in our publications and our meetings. We are not taught to proselytize on church grounds. When I want to have a respectful biblical discussion with a priest, I go to the door, knock like a civilized person and offer to ask the priest about the benefits that faith in God, the Bible, the Lord Jesus Christ and God's Kingdom have brought him, and then I listen attentively. If he wants, he can listen to me as I explain how the divine truths on these matters have made such a happy person. Both the priest and I are believers in the God of the Bible and that unites us. We have more in common than with any atheist or follower of a non-Christian religion, though God loves all humans equally, and I love to have interesting discussions with Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jews, Mormons and even sincere atheists and agnostics here in South Korea. The above-mentioned themes Jehovah's Witnesses share with the Armenian Apostolic Church, even though we have differences of opinion on some doctrines, such as the importance of using the God the Father's name Jehovah, Trinity, eternal torment in hellfire, immortality of the soul and the belief that the present earth will never become the Paradise that God intended when he put man and woman in Eden.
26. Daniel Metz07:00 - 18 May, 2011
However, if the two young men were Jehovah's Witnesses and did such things, I would ask Mr. Yesaye to report them to the local elders of the congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses who will call the young men and give them corrective counsel and any needed church discipline, including loss of privileges in the congregation. Such behaviour from those claiming to represent our holy God Jehovah and his precious Son are inexcusable. If they were Jehovah's Witnesses, I would like to express to Mr. Yesaye my apologies for this reckless behaviour from young men who have not understood either the teachings or the spirit of our denomination. Jesus taught us to even love our enemies, and Mr. Yesaye is not our enemy, and neither are any of the clergy of the Armenian Apostolic Church. We may have differences in our theology, but we all agree that we must imitate the love and patience of the Lord Jesus Christ, even with those we disagree with. The 7 508 050 Jehovah's Witnesses in all 236 lands and islands of the sea love the Armenian people, including the Primate of the Church, Karekin II, all the bishops and priests of the Apostolic Armenian Church. We especially have love for our dear Armenian brothers and sisters who share our faith fully and are faithfully following their Christian consciences even though some fanatics mistreat them and speak unkind words to them. Jesus however taught Christians to love even those who persecute us, so we pray that such fanatics will have a change of heart and learn to become more like Christ, who loved all people impartially, except for the hypocritical Pharisees and Saducees. Thank you Heqt for making this event known and for giving me the opportunity to comment on it. As we say in Korea, "sugo hashiosseumnida" ("you have toiled or worked very hard", in other words, "you have done a good job")!
27. Tonya07:03 - 18 May, 2011
Research and read Jehovah Witness murders Jehovah's Witnesses use stalking terrorizing tactics to MURDER a Police officer
28. Wim10:28 - 18 May, 2011
Matthew 23:9 And do not call anyone on earth ‘father,’ for you have one Father, and he is in heaven.
29. Jan10:51 - 18 May, 2011
Any JW would have delighted to preach to the Priest if approached so the fact that the agressors 'claimed' to be JWs does not make it so and shows the priest to believe what he wants to so as to start trouble.
30. Schmavon11:11 - 18 May, 2011
Turkish Government give every year 15 millions $ to support Jehova witness business in Armenia, JW are ennemy of armenian nation, ennemy of armenian familly tradition and values , JW executives sit in high buldings in Harlem, NYC, USA, they re travelling with their own aircrafts and making trade faires using thousands of slaves all over the world. JW don t respect life, they don t agree with modern medical practices, they re against transplantation, every day children dead because of JW brean storming. the mein religions let people free to choose their way of praying, and believers stay free in their mind , neither in JW. Vortch linek , yes tsez sirum em, zkuch exek....
31. Jonny11:23 - 18 May, 2011
Priests don't lie....c'mon, and if you don't believe me ask all the sexually abused thousands in Ireland, in the USA, in Canada, Australia, South America.
32. Vic13:08 - 18 May, 2011
Have you checked this?
33. vardan13:26 - 18 May, 2011
Տեր եսային թաղի լավ տղաների նման մտածումա իրանց թաղի տերն ու տիրականնա , ըտենց հոգեվորականների պատճառովա վոր մեր ազգը 1700 տարիա դեղ քրիստոնիա չի դարձել: Առաքելական եկեղեցու հոգեվորականը պետքա իր պահվածքով, ապրելակերպով, խոսքի զորությամբ ապացուցի ու հավատ ներշնչի մեր առաքելական եկեղեցու նկատմամբ : Մեր հոգեվորականները ճիշտ հակառակն են անում հիմա , ու զգալով իրենց անզորությունը դիմում են ըտենց խուլիգանական քայլերի մի բան էլ դեռ իրենք են ոստիկանություն դիմում: Չգիտեմ ուրիշների մոտ վոց , բայց իմ համար Վազգեն 1-ը անգերազանցելի անհատ երևույթա եղել որին ցավոք մոռացել են էտ նույն հիմիկվա հոգեվորականնեը: Մի շեղվեք ճանապարհից հարգելի /եթե կարելիա տենց դիմել / հոգեվորականներ մի մոռացեք որ Ձեզա նայում մի ազգ , մի ժողովուրդ:
34. Patterson13:35 - 18 May, 2011
Steve Klemetti is the reviling Jehovah's Witness troll posting here with different ID from the usa
35. Prestil13:38 - 18 May, 2011
Jehovah Witness are psychopaths who practice a version of "heavenly deception called Theocratic Warfare" they lie as a practice to unbelievers who don't deserve the 'truth'.
36. Barbara Menke18:13 - 18 May, 2011
I was raised a Catholic and observed that this religion is not based on love. My whole family was Catholic as far back as I can remember and what I remember most about them was that they were allways fighting among themselves. Yes, there was something definately wrong with this type of worship. This was on my mind at the age of 16. At age 19 I met one of Jehovah's Witness and within 20 minutes she directed me to the Bible to show me God's name at Ps 83:18. The first thing that poped into my head was this, "Why had I not been taught that God had a name while I was going to church? Then I was mad. This was an outrage for me, because they did not teach the truth about God. A bible study was started with me and the rest is history. For the last 35yrs I have lived in 8 different states and lived 3 yrs in Germany. Not one time ...have I ever heard of one of my brothers or sisters in the faith be violent with his neighbor or with family members. So, thoes of you that believe heresay and lies about the Witnesses are being deceived. Get the facts. Just like in a court of law you have to prove everything with facts, facts and more facts. Get the truth by having your own bible study with one of Jeovah's Witness and the truth will set you free. Believe me if this was a violent religion I would have left years ago. I am still here serving my God in our door to door ministry fulfilling Matthew 24:14 "This good news of the Kingdom WILL be preached in all the inhabited earth for a Witness to all the Nations, and then the end will come. Same Kingdom that Jesus has taught his followers to Pray for in Matthew 6:9,10. Let Your Kingdom come. Let Your Will take place, as in heaven, ALSO UPON EARTH. The Kingdom that will bring an end to all violence on the earth. This certainly is good news for all mankind. Thank you for reading my post.
37. The Truth18:20 - 18 May, 2011
who are the violent ones?
38. Armen18:31 - 18 May, 2011
To Hansel (6,7) and Jonny (30) please before you write your stupid comments, make sure that you are not mixing a "catholic" priest with an "Armenian Orthodox" priest, ok? Even if there are catholic priests who abuse children and they should be condemned and taken to prison, why are you garbage authors defiling every single priest, especially when its about Armenia, a country you have zero knowledge about? Go stick your fried brains into the pan and keep it there not to attack Armenia, Jehovah's Witnesses also have criminals, sexual perverts, wife beaters, liars, children abusers, etc. So stay on your side of the turf and know details before you comment with trash talk ay srikaner.
39. Brecia22:59 - 18 May, 2011
Jehovah's Witness Prophecy Blunders! Check this link....
40. Joe00:41 - 19 May, 2011
This priest lie , Jehovah Witnesses dint do that , they practice : Galatians 5: 22 -23 . On the other hand, the fruitage of the spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, faith, 23 mildness, self-control. Against such things there is no law.
41. AVET00:49 - 19 May, 2011
42. gino01:45 - 19 May, 2011
Should not the headline read "Armenian priests CLAIMS(he was)threatened by Jehovah's Witnesses"?
43. Questionable03:16 - 19 May, 2011
It sounds there is more to this story than what is written. My guess is that the rabbi is either lying or not telling the full facts.
44. Հովնան11:53 - 19 May, 2011
Մեր քահանան չի կարող սխալ լինել, իսկ էդ կեղտոտ եհովականները` ճիշտ, մի շատ պարզ պատճառով` այդպես չի կարող լինել երբեք: Մեր քահանայի գործողությունները կասկածի դակ դնողներն ու եդ կենդանիներին պաշտպանողները լավագույն դեպքում հիմար են կամ ստոր, իսկ վատագույն դեպքում` եհովական: Եհովականը, համասեռամոլը, ռաբիսը, սերիալները, ԱԺ մեծամասնությունը չեն կարող ճիշտը լինել, քանզի դրանք բոլորը մայր բնությունից, Աստծուց շեղվածներն են:
45. Brecia12:55 - 19 May, 2011
I've got this article from a Russian website; I don't remember the name of that site. However, here is what they've wrote about Jehovah Witnesses: In Russia, according to news dispatches, The Jehovah's Witness are being often persecuted, banned, and their publications also banned because of Russia' 2002 anti-extremism law. This organization, its branches, its members are being accused of inciting religious enmity and hatred in Russia. Jehovah's Witness are extremely anti-religious people and organization, they are extremely anti-church, they consider Jesus as a teacher only and consider old Testament god Jehovah as their God. They use the Christian scriptures out-of-context and interpret it by human reasoning of their "founding prophets" and not by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. This whole organization is a deception by negative anti-Christian forces that created that cultism company (it is not a religion and they hate religion) in America in order to mislead people and fight Christianity; they use sugar-coated shallow spiritual teaching-preaching and they publish colorful beautiful photos of living in beautiful natural landscape as a bait and incitement to attract the naive ones, however they take and they interpret the scriptures in a different deceptive worldly way and enroll and attract people who know nothing about spirituality and Christian scripture or of being baptized in the Holy Spirit as made clear in the New Testament. Getting free from a religious system (and returning into the bosom of Jesus) is very good, but then falling in the trap of those Jehovah's Witness and their erroneous teachings is much worst.
46. MERONQ20:33 - 19 May, 2011
Hargeliners ete kardaceleq surb girq@ apa Ehova da asu anunne. bayc asels dranum che ayl nranum vor da ekexecu mexqne u mer himar petutyan vor nman axandnerin orenqov tex tvec u meke mi harc isk dzez chi mtahoqum ayn vor henc ayt ekexecakanerne irenc pahumen aynpes vor ASUN deme orinak ararati qahanan betlie qshum kam qahanan restoraneri canc uni kamel zenq paraji tak drac axotqe kardum isk dranc masin inch kaseq
47. Jay Carnahan09:29 - 20 May, 2011
Jehovah's Witnesses are human like the rest and I have seen serious liars among them also. I do not know why every JW fool is calling other religious leaders liars when they are writing from a corner in the world. If they were at the incident then they shouldv'e been arrested for threatening a priest, if not, it's better that they shut their mouths and stop poisoning minds of people with their baseless allegations which in and of itself is a lie. Secondly everyman's country is sacred, and JW's call every country and its flag from Satan, well in that case the JW and their filthy cult is from Satan, my grandfathers did not defend and die for his country so that I would live free today if they know better.
48. Jo00:16 - 21 May, 2011
49. Shmavone16:39 - 21 May, 2011
everybody who has normal affectiv balance knows that Jehovas Withness are playing with people, using their failures to get ingluence on their mind, by brain storming, JW don t respect life, love, and normal relationsship,
50. piruz8222:43 - 21 May, 2011
Մեկնաբանությունը...chisht e es et sut vkaneric chem baic naev chem havatum vor nman ban e texi unece aveli konkret da qahananern en chabazancnum isk inch verabervum e havatqin.! petutyan koxmic @ndunvac da der chi n@shanakum chshmarit.
51. Aram06:31 - 22 May, 2011
Dear "entertsogh, FREEDOM OF RELIGION means ANY RELIGION and not yours or mine alone. I am a "Loossavorchakan" and not a member of Jehovah's witnesses.
52. Alexander19:30 - 22 May, 2011
Assuming that the accusation is fair, the young teenagers need to be corrected. However it is clear that such behavior is not JW teaching and can result in followers losing good standing in the congregation. From reading between the lines, it appears some contact may have happened but the priest is probably exaggerating a bit in order to make headline?
53. Grigor00:39 - 24 May, 2011
Ays ameni mexavor@ Katoxikosn e.............
54. SUREN-ATENK17:34 - 24 May, 2011
Hayastanum aysor haziv 2 milion mad mnacac lini.Patkeracrek, vor ayd 2 milioni mi masn ehovayi vka e, mi masn` mormov, mi masn` avetaranchakan, mi masn hogegalstakan, mi masn` 50-akan, mi masn`........... mi masn el ` satanayapasht.Inch mnac 2 milioni tak? Sa azgayin voxbergutyun e, vorin materi arankov en nayum PETUTYUNN u EKEXECIN. Menk aynkan shat chenk, vor handurjoxakanutyun handes berenk, neroxamtoren nayenk axandavorakan canci taracmann Hayastanum.
55. Schmavone21:41 - 24 May, 2011
es hamamit em, katoxikos betk hrajarvih irens businemen oknakanner tannih turs , heru
56. Տիգրան11:36 - 27 May, 2011
Սա արդեն ահազանգն է այն բանի, որ անհապաղ միջոցներ պետք է ձեռնարկել անկոչ հյուրերին, որոնք են` աղանդավորները, սեռական շեղում ունեցող հիվանդները և բոլոր այն անհատները որոնք լուրջ վտանգ են ներկայացնում մեր երկրի ու ազգաբնակչության համար, մոլախոտի պես մաքրել Հայաստան երկրից:
57. vardan16:31 - 27 May, 2011
Տիգրան ես նախորոք ասեմ որ ես ոչ աղանդավոր եմ ոչ գոմիկ, կնքված եմ բայց չեմ զգում ինձ որպես իրական քրիստոնիա հավատացյալ, դա գալիսա նրանից երևի որ ես կյանքիս մեծ մասը ապրել եմ սովետական տարիներին, մյուս մասն էլ դեռ չկայածած Հայաստան երկրում որտեղ սկի հոգեվորականին քրիստոնյան չես կարող համարես ուր մնաց ... հիմա ինչ ես առաջարկում ով ուրիշ հավատիյա դավանում , ով մեր նման չի սեկսուալ հարցերում շարենք պատի տակ ու գնդակահարենք բոլշեվիկների նման?
58. SUREN-ATENK02:45 - 28 May, 2011
Karcum em, ays knnarkman npatakn voch te pateri tak shareln u gndakahareln e , ayi hay azgi hamar vtang nerkayacnox ays erevuytic lucum gtneln e. Isk lucumn Hayastani ishxanutyunneri ev ekexecu dzerkum en.Ishxanutyunnern ays harci patasxann arden tvel en` petakan grancum talov ehovayi vkanerin u myus axandavorakan kazmakerputyunnerin. Isk Arakelakan ekexecu patasxanatu vernaxavn Katoxikosi glxavorutyamb` joxovrdi koxmic hargank chen vayelum, kanzi tarvac en ashxarhik kyanki vayrlknerov. Aynpes vor , voch Ter Esayin, voch el mek urish barepasht kahana vochinch anel chi karox` ir tikunkin chunenalov katoxikosi voroshich xoskn u pashtpanutyunn.
59. May16:16 - 29 May, 2011
ինչ կապ ունի,քահանայա եղել թե սովորական մարդ ...փաստը մնումա փաստ,որ ետ Եհօվայի վկաները ու գոմիկները,ահավոր շատացել ու ագրեսիվ են դարձել....արդեն չենել թաքնվում,հպարտ հպարտ ման են գալի.......մեզ միատ հիտլերա պետք,վոր դրանց սաղին լցի կօնց-լագերներ ու վառի......
60. Hrant16:37 - 29 May, 2011
Mez der qich e! Ete hogevorakan@ hancavor hexanakutyunic vochnchov chi tarbervum senc el petka liner. paron katoxikos ushqi ekeq! heto arden ush klini!!!
61. Անահիտ22:46 - 29 May, 2011
Գիտեք հիմա շատացել են ոչ միայն համասեռամոլներն ու եհովայի վկաները, այլև շատ ու շատ աղանդավորներ, որոնց դեմ պետք է մենք պայքարենք և մեր առաքելական եկեղեցին: Ես կցանկանայի դառնալ այնպիսի կազմակերպության անդամ, որը պայքարում է նմանների դեմ: Մեր երկիրը միշտ հավատարիմ է մնացել իր կրոնին, բայց այժմ կործանվում է...
62. Տիգրան23:08 - 29 May, 2011
Վարդան ես կուզեի իմանալ Ձեր կարծիքը, ինչ եք առաջարկում գրկաբաց ընդունենք այդ Սատանայի ճտերին: Ի սեր Աստծո եղիր աթեիստ սակայն մի վտանգիր քո երկիրը և մի վաճառիր հոգիդ, իսկ Հայաստան երկրին վտանգ սպառնացողներին գնդակահարությունն էլ է քիչ... մի մոռացեք որ շատ ու շատ հայ քաջորդիներ իրենց կյանքն են տվել հայաստանի համար
63. SYREN_ATENK00:17 - 30 May, 2011
Mariam Karapetyan aydpes el chhaskacak, vor ekexecu ev kahananeri nkatmamb voch te atelutyun ka, ayl cav u pahanj, vor nrank irenc hayapahpan derum linen, verj tan cop u shvayt erkrayin kyankin, anbaroyakanutyan hasnox antarberutyann, irenc hoti` joxovrdi het linen.
64. Steve01:19 - 30 May, 2011
What next? Wolves complaining they were threatened by lambs? :)
65. Atheist11:36 - 30 May, 2011
Scrap the religion. We are not in the middle-ages.
66. Mariam15:35 - 30 May, 2011
Suren-Atenq, ես չունեմ ձեր մտածումը` ցավի անվան տակ թունատափ լինել և հոգ մեջ եղող մաղձը թափել ամենուր: Չարախոսությունն ու բամբասանքը երբեք իրենց մեջ ցավ չեն ունենում: Ես ճանաչում եմ շատ հրաշալի հոգևորականների, ովքեր իսկական նվիրյալներ են և ժողովրդի կողքին են:
67. SUREN_ATENK23:08 - 30 May, 2011
Mariam, indz tvum e duk lav chek @nbrnum meknabanutyunnern, isk ov asac, te hrashali , nviryal hogevorakanner,voronk joxovrdi koxkin en, chkan?Duk erevi lsel ek JRVEJI ekexecu kahanayi masin, arit e exel janachel naev Aragacotni marzi eritasard kahanayin, apsos anunnern chem hishum. Eli shaterin karox enk hishel , bayc aystex xoskn bolorobin el ays mi kani anhatneri masin che, voronk irenk el shvar en mnacel Arakelakan ekexecu aysorva katoxikosi u Navasard Kjoyani nmanneri pahvackic. Xoskn te ishxanutyunneri, te ekexecu antarberutyan, voch petakan motecman masin e. Husov em, haskanali e arden.
68. Bruce Waynian02:15 - 31 May, 2011
Armenians are already Christians and have been long before "Jehovah's Witnesses" became witness. Armenians worldwide should be wary of this group and all other groups that try to goad and make false promises of a better life to those that are willing to "convert" to their beliefs. The Armenian Apostolic Church pre-dates all of these so called "Christian" groups and Armenians certainly do not need a "new faith" to follow. Kick all of these groups out of Armenia and tell them to take their dollars with them back to Utah, NY, or where ever the hell they came from.
69. Hay_Axchik14:04 - 31 May, 2011
56. Տիգրան, Es hamamit em Cez het... avelacnelov naev bolor Rusa-Xosnerin... Sovetic ekac struknerin... vor yndhanrapes Hay-i hogebanutjun, mtacelakerp chunen... es chgitem el, te dranq inch azgi en patkanum, Rus el chen.. esim inch en,, rusi het eli lezu gtnel linuma, es rusaxos Hajere,..dranq mez chen havanum.... Uremn esor Transpori mej nstac mincjev akanjnere karmir qsac mi paravac oriordi nman meky kar,,, zangec ynkeruhun, u sksec boxoqel, moskvajic er erevi nor ekel,,, ba stex sax hambal en, menak tufta Hajereny giten, voch mi bar ruseren, mi erku bar angleren giten iranc esim um texn en dnum, u asec vor Staliny chisht er anum vor es erkiry es taptpukneric maqrum er... heto es uxaki enqan barkaca vor chkaraca anem en inch pertqa anei... enqan em apsosum vor dra mazeric chbrneci u marshutnuc uxaki durs shprtei... chnajac mi erku qaxcr xosq aseci, baic nenc petqa shprtei vor ajlevs Hajastani Champen moranar!!! Uremn Hajastani mej Hajreren xosele hamarvuma tgitutjun... uxaki xosker chunem aselu, menq Hayers shat shat enq handurjel amen tesak pchacacneri dra hamar el es orin enq. Hima ov inch uzum asuma, inch uzum anum en... Nenc kuzei mi sari vra, patneshnerov sarqac mi tex liner, vortex menak kaprein normal u Lav Hayere.... u stipvac chei lini tekuz ore mi angam, senc kexteri tesnel kam nranc xosacacy lsei... Apsosum em mer qajerin, vor sranc hamar gnacin u krvecin... isk menq hima chenq karum es kextic azatvenq... apsos mer erexanere u amen inchn el apsos. Tqem Stalini Eresin, Tqem Rusereni eresein, Tqem en mardkanc eresin ovqer hayin dem en, u hajerenin dem en... Rusa-Muk Ajlaservacner!!!!
70. Atheist11:57 - 3 June, 2011
Hay_Axhik ... hamamitem transportain patmutyan het kapvac karciqneri het. Bayc karcumem vor meghavor@ lezun chi (es ruseren aveli lavem tirapetum kan Hayerenin ev mecacelem Pushkini heqiatnerui vra, sakayn indz chem hamarum aveli vat, teri Hay,) .. Xndir@ tgitutyan ev makardaki mecha, ankax nranic te vor lezvove xosum mard@.
71. SUREN-ATENK00:55 - 5 June, 2011
kATOXIKOSN mi kani or araj kargaluyc e arel Shveycariayi hay hamaynki kahana Ter Abelin, vorn haytni e ir arakinutyamb, ev patjarn ayn e, vor verjins hrajarvel er katarel ,,srbazan,, katoxikosi anardaraci pahanjnern. Aha te Hay Arakelakan ekexecin inchpes e ir havatavor andamnerin hiastapecnum u vanum irenic, aha ayspes el paykarum e axandneri dem.
72. mike04:19 - 5 June, 2011
73. SUREN_ATENK01:30 - 6 June, 2011
Vahan Ishxanyann amsic aveli e ir blogum bacahayt hakaekexecakan propaganda e kazmakerpel, govazdum e axandavorakan kazmakerputyunnerin, hatkapes` ehovayi vkanerin. Arakelakan ekexecin kam ishxanutyunic ov? mi dzayn hanec, te` es inch es anum. Ayninch sa nuynpes azgayin anvtangutyan harc e.
74. Անահիտ18:33 - 7 June, 2011
Սիռելի ՀԱՅ_ԱՂՋԻԿ,միթե երթուղայինում քեզանից բացի չկար ուրիշ մարդ,որ միասին էդ աղջկա հախից գայիք? Մեր ազգի ամենավատ կողմն է դա, որ չեն խոսում ու նմաններին իրենց տեղը ցույց չեն տալիս: Իսկ ինչ վերաբերվում է, որ հակաեկեղեցական գովազդ է արվում, դա ուղղակի աններելի է: Ես մի առաջարկ ունեմ. համաձայն եք ստեղծել մի ասոցացիա ու պայքարել աղանդավորների դեմ? Շատ հնարավոր է, որ մեր եկեղեցին չունենալով հենարան կամ իր ազգաբնակչության ընկերակցությունը, չի կարողանում ինչ-որ բան անել: Եկեք մեր առաքելական եկեղեցուն ասենք, որ մենք իր կողքին ենք ու պատրաստ ենք պայքարել: Այստեղ կերևա մեր բոլորի հայրենասիրությունը: Պայքարենք, թե թողնենք, որ մեր կրոնը, մեր եկեղեցին վերանա:
75. Orthodox00:49 - 8 June, 2011
I dont believe this priest. Priests are well known for selfish activities. I think he had some bad purpose when he talked with those persons. All of you who read this: BEWARE OF THE PREISTS! Dont trust them if youre not an eyewitness. Im sure he will brag the police and even the judges too...
76. Տիգրան09:35 - 9 June, 2011
Սիրելի Hay_Axchik ես հպարտ եմ որ Ձեր պես հայուհիներ կան ու իմացեք, այն արյունը որ թափվել է և հարկ եղած դեպքում ևս կթափվի, Ձեզ համար է, իսկ այդ պառաված և տղաների ուշադրությունից դուրս մնացած ՊԱՌԱՎՆԵՐԻ ասածները մեկ անգամ ևս ապացուցում Է, որ իրենք և իր նմանները, ինչպես աղանդավորները, պարզապես աղբ են և իրենց տեղը աղբամանն է ՄԵՆՔ ՀԱՅ ԵՆՔ ԵՎ ՄԵՐ ԼԵԶՈՒՆ ԱՇԽԱՐՀԻ ԱՄԵՆԱԳԵՂԵՑԻԿ ԼԵԶՈՒՆ Է` ՀԱՅԵՐԵՆԸ
77. Անահիտ10:33 - 9 June, 2011
Ուղղափառ, այդպես է չէ ձեր անունը? Իսկ ինչու չհավատալ քահանային կամ ինչու զգուշանալ նրանցից? Եթե պետք է պայքարել աղանդավորների դեմ, ապա պետք է դա արվի բոլոր հնարավոր ձևերով: Ես համամիտ եմ քահանայի հետ, նա դեռ քիչ է արել, դրանք արժանի են:
78. Teresa13:06 - 9 June, 2011
Inz het anzamb patahele handipel yehovai vkanerin poghocum, yev yerb vor yes aselem vor hay araqelakan em, nranziz mek@ grete harzakvec inz vra u sksec pnovel, anbartavanel u hayhoyel hay yekeghecin patmelov ir anznakan kianqic inch vor depk vori hetevanqov na bolor kaper@ xzeler yekeghecu het. Ir heti kin@ haziv qashelov tarav iren. Inchuem sa grum, vorovhet yehovai vkanernel ankax irenc usmunqic mardkain emocianerin yentakaen, yev vomanq atelutyamben lzvac Mayr Yekeghecu nkatmamb, aid isk patjarov kaskaci tak chem arnum Qahanai patmac@, shat havanakane.
79. Mari16:56 - 9 June, 2011
hitleri mitq@ durs gomiknerin eli mi kerp yola ktanenq eeeee,eti hivandutyuna, ba et anter mnacac ehovai vkannerin inch anenq?ba vor chen gali dur@ cecum jamerov chamrvum vor mi bar lses.... uzum es tas 5rd harkic shprtes nerqev....dranc varela petq...
80. Hay_Axchik13:54 - 10 June, 2011
Ateist, cer grac "es ruseren aveli lavem tirapetum kan Hayerenin ev mecacelem Pushkini heqiatnerui vra, sakayn indz chem hamarum aveli vat, teri Hay" Duq hnaravor e Lav mard eq u shat lav mard, bajc Lav Hay linel cheq karox. Lav Hay-y voch te kmecanar Pushkini Heqiatneri "vra" kam "tak", ajl, Haj groxneri, Haykakan gjuxerum, inchpes naev amenakarevore, hay mayriki het hayeren lezvov patmac heqiatnerov. Hay mardy miajn mtacum e HAYEREN. Ete Hay-y mtacec ruseren u xosec ruseren, kaseq el nra HAY-ic incha mnum?? mnuma menak azganvan -YAN. Ajnpes vor ete uzum eq cer erexanere Hayer linen, tveq nranc miajn haykakan dprocner u haykakan krtutjun u tany xoseq hayerenov, es chem asum te urish lezuner petq che imanal, inchqan shat enqan lav, bajc mardy mi MAYRAKAN lezu e unenum vorov el mtacum e, ete Hay eq mtaceq miajn HAYEREN. ete cheq uzum da cer iravunqn e, bajc duq ajlevs uxaki iravunq chuneq aselu menq liovin HAY enq. Liovin HAY-ere mer gjuxi biceqn ein, vor hayeren ein utum, hayeren od shnchum, hayeren mtacum, u hayeren el mernum! Hay mardy hayin siruma, hay-i vogina sirum voch te nra poxere kam kirt kam esim inch linely. Sax kjanqum es mard em tesel, mardu het shpvel, bajc nranq bolorn el ankirt ein. Hima inch em tesnum ed cer krtvacneri mej??? mardkajin vochinch,, mi erku hogi ruseren blblum en, u vres munat galis, te es inchi ruseren chem xosum. ha ho hets chem tanelu ed anter rusereny????? Mard exeq, mardkajin gorcer areq tekuz aranc voreve lezvi imacutjan.
81. A.13:43 - 11 June, 2011
ed BAKTERIANER@ evhovhajiner@ shat shat en naev Amerikayum,aravot sht jam@ 7 in durt zezum en,tkum es eresnerin jptalov gnum en,zzvum em dranziz,inchkan entanikner en kandum drank,kuirik,exbarir en anum baiz.......daiz inchov ases chen zbaxvum,henz xachn el zuiz es talis paxnum en.
82. hayuhi18:17 - 19 December, 2011
qahanan na e ov mer hogevor xndirner@ vercnum e ir vra ira ashxarhik xndirner@ lucelu hamar ov e asel vor qahana astcu @ntryaln e vortex a grac astcu hamar bolorn el havasar en goyutyun uni 1 astvac 1 astco vordi u surb hogi
83. ashot11:02 - 11 August, 2012
Комментарий . .Mer Aracelakan Surb Ekexecin.Mer @ntanicne tox vochmek. chpxci ayn.
84. Lilit01:09 - 24 March, 2013
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