Saturday, 26 May

MP Sashik Sargsyan Verbally Insults Reporter

Another incident of an Armenian MP verbally insulting a reporter who "dared" to ask a question happened yesterday in the halls of the parliament.

This time around it was MP Sashik Sargsyan who grabbed the tape recorder of Hraparak reporter Marineh Kharatyan after she asked Sargsyan if he was planning to run for office again in next year's elections.

The reporter claims that Sargsyan then began to hurl insults and sexual curses at her in front of parliament staffers who intervened, pulling the MP away.

Kharatyan also says that Republican Party parliamentary faction head Galust Sahakyan was also present but did nothing to calm his colleague down. Rather, Sahakyan jibed the reporter saying, "The man doesn't want to answer, don't question him."

Kharatyan was able to record the end portion of the insults and she plans to send a copy to President Sargsyan.

Hraparak Editor Armineh Ohanyan said that the paper wouldn't be pressing legal charges since she believes there are more effective ways of punishing MP's like Sashik Sargsyan who feel free to verbally insult reporters just doing their job.

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Comments (3)
1. Marine17:46 - 17 May, 2011
Grisha du inc het xosel es? Harcrel es` dati ktam, te che, vor grel es lragrox@ dati chi ta iren hayhoyac patgamavorin?
2. Marine Kharatyan18:04 - 17 May, 2011
Ete coment@ cheq tpum poxeq luri vernagir@
3. Schmavone16:26 - 24 May, 2011
typical behaviour of oligark-assembly deputy, who are the same people in Armenia, as u may know, they vote the law but they re over the law, stronger than the republic princips, and at least he s president brother, to many democracy failures on a narrow territory of Armenia, that s the reason the armenian citizen are leaving their homeland for anoter difficult life.....
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