Monday, 24 September

Akori School Still Waiting for New Election for Principal

Silva Simonyan has been serving as the Acting Principal of the Akori village school for the past four months.

The school in Armenia’s Lori Marz was thrown into confusion after a December 20, 2011 vote for a new scholl principal by the governing board. Teachers contested the vote, arguing that the election was rigged, and went on strike.

They went back to work on February 8, 2012, after Anahit Mousayelyan, who had been elected the new principal, handed in her resignation. The Lori Regional Governor then appointed Simonyan to step in as acting principal until the matter could be resolved.

A new election was scheduled to take place within three months of February 8.

The other day, school Vice Principal Seda Khlopouzyan told Hetq that they had no information when the election would take place. She only said that there had been two applications for the job of principal; that of Kimik Petrosyan and Armen Niazyan.

Khlopouzyan said that both candidates were qualified and that the school staff was ready to work with whoever gets elected.

When I tried to find out what was delaying the new election, Shoura Simonyan, who heads the information office of the school’s labor union said, “I have no clue.”

A revised school governing board will meet on June 1 to review the issue further.

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