Wednesday, 25 April

Czech Helsinki Committee Criticizes Employment Practices of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

Orer magazine, Prague-  Czech Helsinki Committee has sharply criticised the ongoing practice of Prague based Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty which offers to job applicants  employment agreements containing discriminative and deceptive clause. The Committee named that policy “immoral”. The problem was created due to the single reason. RFE/RL gives  to its foreign employees labor agreements governed by American laws. In fact,  the American labor law is inapplicable to labor agreements with foreigners outside  the United States of America. In this respect, foreign employees of RFE/RL  are in a legal vacuum. 

“We consider the practice of Radio Free Europe as immoral. Particularly, in view of the fact that employees are not informed by the employer about inapplicability of American laws to their labor relations.”  The Czech Helsinki Committee statement  signed its chairwoman, UN Human Rights Prize winner Anna Shabatova.

For the first time ever a human rights organisation criticised another human rights organisation, and ironically - for violating  human rights.

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