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Libaridian: Armenia Will Remain Weak until Karabakh is Settled

According to a June 28 Trend news agency report, Gerard Libaridian, a former senior advisor to ex-Armenian President Levon Ter-Petrosyan, stated that Armenia will continue to be the weakest country in the region until the Nagorno Karabakh conflict is resolved.

We are in conflict with the two neighboring countries - Turkey and Azerbaijan," Libaridian said. "Armenia will not develop until these conflicts are resolved."

Libaridian travelled to Baku to participate in a conference entitled “Joint Efforts for the Future of the Caucasus: Lessons of the Past 20 Years”.

It was organized jointly by the Center for Strategic Studies under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan (SAM), Caucasus International and Turkish Policy Quarterly magazines.

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1. Arman19:01 - 29 June, 2012
A manuipulated puppet at the hands of the CIA and Turks...this same Libaridian was dealing with "grey wolves " during Petrosian's rule...
2. Uno07:18 - 30 June, 2012
He is a trash talker and a sold agent. We knew him then, and obviously he never changed.
3. Charekatsi09:20 - 30 June, 2012
Armenia will remain weak as long as we have people like this who make statements like this....
4. Garo20:04 - 30 June, 2012
Libaridian was an advisor to Levon Ter Petrossyan, he can be a great advisor to Ilham Aliyev.
5. Artur21:11 - 30 June, 2012
What idiotic commentary and personal attacks against Libaridian. What Libaridian said is a fact. The exodus will continue, the foreign-dependance will continue, and step-by-step Armenia will continue to inch toward becoming a failed state. This is a fact any student of history and politics can see. No state survives with two resource-rich enemies at its bordrs. Check the history of the loss of Armenian states in the past, including Cilicia. Only a change of attitude can save Armenia at this point.
6. Sarky02:37 - 1 July, 2012
Oh wow.. Libaridian who exchanged secrets of the Armenian Republic, and who just returned from Azerbaijan is telling us that Armenia will not develop unless Artsakh conflict is resolved. Well Libaridian, there is no Artsakh "conflict" for us. It exists for the Azeris, it seems that just like them, you can't sleep at night. I am also sure during LTP time, Armenia was so "developed" that it was a super power.
7. george kookooshyan02:45 - 1 July, 2012
Mr Libaridian, it is easy for you to live the good life in America and a make stupid remarks like the ones you said in Baku. God knows what else you have said. Every one knows , and it is not a secret, Armenia is economically poorer than it's neighbour for reasons not under there control. But, do you really think that one day Turkey and Azerbaijan will make peace with Armenia?. They are determined to unite with there Pan-Turkism while stumping over Armenia lands.
8. Jack Kalpakian04:59 - 1 July, 2012
"Solved" or "sold-out" -- the line that Turkey and Azerbaijan would somehow leave Armenia alone to grow, should Karapakh be given to the Azeris, is naive. With all due respect, Prof. Libaridian, what do you have to show for all the trips you took to Turkey where you were cold shouldered. The solution lies in the removal of the anti-Russian regimes in the region -- not in capitulation. If you want a sample of neighbors' attitudes, read the Nicole Pope editorial in Zaman of this satudary. An Armenia without Artsakh would be even weaker than the one today, and do not for a moment rely on Turkey to abandon its usual tendencies.
9. Jack Kalpakian05:01 - 1 July, 2012
Artur, you obviously have not been following the news in Turkey and you obviously do not know neither Armenian history nor what a "fact" is. I feel sorry for the educational system that you went through.
10. Varujan06:27 - 1 July, 2012
I find it quite insulting when our soldiers die at the border by Azeri snipers and more than 400 times a week the truce is broken that Libaridian goes and meets in baku with Azeri refugees from Karabagh. I think he has remained with his and LTP rhetoric of the 90s, thinking that these conflicts make us weak. How about the oligarchic economy? Georgia is in conflict with Russia and today it does better than Armenia because corruption has been severed. I wonder if some Azeri oil money is not reaching the pockets of Libaridian....
11. Garo21:54 - 4 July, 2012
Why didn't Hetq publish the entire interview given by this criminal and sold out traitor to the Azerbaijani newspaper? Did we have to read it from a Turkish webpage?
12. Sanan19:10 - 18 October, 2012
Finally we see a clever armenian)) you will get weaker . Karabakh will never be granted to armenia. we Azerbaijanis support diplomatic ways to solve Karabakh conflict , however it does not mean that we do not prepare alternative ways for getting Karabakh back. If u peacefully withdraw from Karabakh, both Azerbaijanis and armenians will live there , if we get it back by war ,no armenian will be allowed to live in Karabakh. You just should think that this conflict will never be eternal. Today , we are much stronger than u in all respects. I understand ur confidence about russia:)) but note that US, NATO and West will never support the side which is supported by russia. I recommend you to think of it more and more. because armenia is a point of laughter in international sphere. :))
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