Wednesday, 25 April

Many in Gyumri Can Only Dream of Owning a "Tnak"

We at the Shirak Center estimate that there are over 4,000 families living in temporary tnaks (trailer/hut) in Gyumri that are not eligible to receive hosuing from the government.

It seems that each family has their own story as to how they’ve ended up in this predicament.

Shirak Center staffers visit these tnak districts on a daily basis to see who is in need of social assistance and to see their living conditions in person.

The more we study the housing problem in Gyumri, the more we are convinced that it will not be resolved for many years to come.

We should note that currently there is no government program, whether on the state, regional or local level, to improve the hosuing issue of these 4,000 families.

Those who haven’t been to Gyumri in some time will be amazed when they return. The town is slowly being emptied. This is the first thing that returning visitors will notice.

There are hundreds of apartments where there are no lights on after it gets dark. Their owners have long since moved away. Go to the old neighbourhoods in town, and you’ll walk down semi-deserted streets and alleyways, only to encounter a few families who are now renting the abandoned apartments.

Empty apartments are plentiful, so why the housing shortage. There are families for whom even living in a tnak is a dream beyond reach.

In the following video, Shirak Center talks to Hovhannes and Alla Baghdasaryan, parents of three school-age girls, who were recently allocated temporary hosuing by the Gyumri Municipality after renting an apartment for ten years. 

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