Tuesday, 22 May

All-Armenia Fund Sets Up Bank Accounts to Assist Syrian-Armenians

The Hayastan All-Armenian Fund has decided to open special bank accounts for those who wish to make contributions to assist the Armenian community in Syria during these troubled and uncertain times.

All donations will be transferred to the national leadership of the community on the ground in Syria and a special coordinating committee will earmark funds when and where it deems necessary.

The accounts are:

HSBC Bank Armenia
9, V. Sargsyan Str. Yerevan Armenia

ACC NO 001-002195-102 (USD)
ACC NO 001-002195-104 (EUR)
ACC NO 001-002195-001 (AMD)

For further information and questions please call the All-Armenian Fund at:

+37410 56 01 06 (105) 

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1. Varaz Syuni (Amsterdam)02:02 - 27 August, 2012
The IBAN code of the account must also be given, without which one can not transfer money from Europe (abroad) to the account. IBAN=International Bank Account Number. In the article only SWIFT/BIC(Bank Identifier Code) code is given.
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