Thursday, 20 September

Lori Voters Kick Out Some Mayoral Incumbents

Yesterday’s round of local elections brought some unexpected changes to communities in Armenia’s northern Lori Marz.

According to what I witnessed, election bribes seemed to have little effect on the final vote tallies and voters cast ballots based on principle rather than making a quick profit.

Mayors in a number of communities were voted out of office. This was the case in Shnogh, Akori, Dsegh, Teghout, Tchotchkan, Aygehat and Arevatzak

The elections in Akori and Shnogh, in the Toumanyan district were of particular interest to local vote watchers.

In Akori, incumbent Kamo Simonyan lost to challenger Hrahat Simonyan by a vote of 683 to 478.

In Shnogh, Hovik Sahakyan was elected the new village mayor, trouncing incumbent Haykaz Kochinyan 991 to 655.

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Comments (3)
1. Vardan19:56 - 10 September, 2012
Shnoghum yntroxnery sharzhvecin "Gyux kangni geran kkotri" skzbunqov. Parq u pativ Shnoghi eritasardutyany. Mer noryntir xekavary barov xekavari !!!
2. abraham bedevian20:22 - 10 September, 2012
this shows that democracy is alive and well in ARMENIA out with the scoundrels
3. hajkaz16:22 - 12 September, 2012
Ajo, "Gyux kangni geran kkotri" kecen Aqorecinery
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