Wednesday, 23 May

Analyst Richard Giragosian: Sargsyan Will be Re-Elected President of Armenia

Political analyst Richard Giragosian told reporters today that Serzh Sargsyan would be re-elected president of Armenia, since there isn’t a viable alternative and that the ruling party would utilize all its administrative resources.

“I’m not saying whether I like him or not. I’m just looking at it realistically and don’t see another candidate out there that can beat him,” the analyst said.

Giragosian, a diaspora Armenian who heads the Regional Studies Center in Yerevan, said that the conflict between the Republican and Prosperous Armenia parties is real, while in past elections we had fake candidates running and hopeless political actors.

“This time, we see real competition and challenges. Even if Prosperous Armenia doesn’t field a candidate the conflict is real. The latest example is the Oskanian case,” Giragosian argued, referring to the beleaguered former RA Foreign Minister.

When asked if he saw the possibility of a union between HAK (Armenian National Congress) and Prosperous Armenia, Giragosian said, “Their dance isn’t a tango consisting of a couple. One party doesn’t want to dance.”

When asked to specify who the reluctant dancer was, Giragosian replied by saying that there wasn’t even any music for the dancers.

“They really don’t like each other. There’s no romance in the dance. I’m suspicious of any union between two parties with such big egos.”

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