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Deep Pockets: State Revenue Committee Deputies Not Far Behind Prez

It’s a well known fact that the President of Armenia’s State Revenue Committee (SRC), Gagik Khachatryan has deep pockets and is considered a savy businessman both in Armenia and overseas.

We’ve already reported that Khachatryan, who receives an annual salary of 8,463,000 AMD, has declared bank deposits of 278 million AMD and $2.980 million. His wife Laura Yepremyan is no financial slouch either. She only reported revenues of 671,740 AMD but has deposits of 188 million AMD and $2.765 million.

And what about Gagik Khachatryan’s deputies at the SRC? Here goes...

Armen Alaverdyan – A deputy at the SRC since 2008. In 2011, he reported 11,030,425 in revenues. He started 2011 with zero money in the bank, winding up with 14,990,000 AMD. This is more than his declared revenues. Go figure. He also had $90,000 at the start of the year and $122,000 by year’s end.

Artur Afrikyan – Declared 7,280,060 AMD in revenue for 2011; all salary. He started off with 38 million in the bank, down to 19 million by year’s end. He also had $10,000 and 2,500 Euros.

Tigran Barseghyan – Declared 7,098,186 AMD in revenue for 2011; all salary. He had $65,000 in the bank.

Robert Galoyan – Started as a SRC deputy this year. He started off in the job with 300 million AMD, $2 million and 200, ooo Euros in the bank.

Vakhtang Miroumyan – Appointed a SRC deputy in July, 2012. He started off declaring 3 million AMD and $40,000 in bank deposits.

(Photo: Gagik Khachatryan, top left)

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Comments (5)
1. ՎԱՐԴԱՆ15:58 - 30 November, 2012
ՀԱՎԱՏԱՆՔ ՈՐ ՓՈԽԵՆՔ....кайфуем сегодня мы с тобой кайфуем
2. Ani Yepremyan17:00 - 30 November, 2012
Mard ira achqis geran@ chi tesnum, urishi achqi shyuxn e nkatum--- PEK-i "hargarjan xekavarner", nax dzer harker@ vjareq gone guyqaharki tesqov, heto mnacacin hetapndeq harker chvjarelu hamar
3. armen12:45 - 1 December, 2012
these few men are literally killing Armenia's economy with their corrupt subjective taxation... they should be behind bars!
4. Karen Mkrtchyan 19:19 - 1 December, 2012
Texna mez..Menqenq es chmonerin eres tvel...
5. Pogos 01:18 - 14 December, 2012
Duq gnaceq aragachaperic boxoqeq ...
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