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Six MPs Get $120 Housing Allowance: Relative of Parliament Prez is One of Them

Armenia’s National Assembly allocates a monthly housing allowance of $120 US (48,000AMD) to MPs without a fixed abode inYerevan.

The allowance is supposed to assist legislators from the provinces who must travel toYerevanwhile the parliament is in session.

Currently, six MPs receive the allowance – Karineh Poghosyan and Hayk Grigoryan from the Republican Party, Grigor Grigoryan from Prosperous Armenia, Ishkhan Khachatryan and Khachik Harutyunyan from Country of Law, and independent MP Edmon Maroukyan.

Karineh Poghosyan – FromArmavirProvince. She’s related to National Assembly President Hovik Abrahamyan. Before being elected an MP, she served as the principal of #1 Primary School in Artashat.

She told Hetq that she commutes toYerevanevery day from Artashat. This prompted the question, “So why do you take the housing allowance?”

“I rented an apartment. The amenities weren’t adequate. Now, I’m looking for a house. My rental was in Davtashen. It was empty. I even brought furniture from Artashat. But it wasn’t to my liking. So now I’m searching for a place downtown. In the meantime I’m commuting.”

Photo: MP Karineh Poghosyan

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1. GB10:53 - 21 December, 2012
I did not know, that Armenia's lady MP has oligarchy desire, as well !!
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