Tuesday, 25 September

Armenia's Ambassador to Iraq: $1 Million in the Bank and Counting

Mourad Mouradyan, Armenia’s Ambassador to Iraq since 2010, maybe carrying out his diplomatic mission in an unstable country but his financial holdings are more than stable.

The 51 year-old ambassador founded the BAMO construction company in 1992 and ran the firm until his diplomatic posting eighteen years later.

In 2005 the Armenian government sold the Karen Demirchyan Sports/Complex to BAMO.

Perhaps such business holdings are the source of the $1.120 million he declared in his 2011 financial disclosure. He also had 12.2 million Russian rubles ($403,120) and 25.4 million AMD in the bank.

Another amazing facet of his 2011 financial disclosure is that Ambassador Mouradyan declared no salary at all.

Maybe he agreed to serve in Iraq on a voluntary basis? Probably not…

Maybe he just doesn’t need the salary of a diplomat. In addition to his cash holdings, Ambassador Mouradyan declared 6 million AMD and 500,000 Russian rubles as stock dividends for 2011.

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1. GB10:32 - 18 January, 2013
He earn his spot by corruption, and promoted to a governmental job position by his corrupted colleagues!! I wonder sometimes how a person like him can perform his duties as an "Ambassador" of Armenia in Iraq without corruption? These people are a threat to Armenia's National Security. President of Armenia should demote him immediately!!
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