Wednesday, 19 September

Four Candidates File Financial Disclosures: President Sargsyan the Wealthiest

Four of the eight candidates running in next month’s Armenian presidential election have filed financial disclosures as required by law.

The wealthiest of the four appears to be the current president, Serzh Sargsyan.

He declared 3.899 million AMD in salary and interest income of 10.9 million AMD. Sargsyan declared 108.4 million AMD in bank deposits.

Heritage Party candidate Raffi Hovannisian declared 402,000 AMD and $51,000 in bank deposits.

Hrant Bagratyan declared 2.180 million AMD in salary as a member of parliament, one million AMD from the Armenian-Russian University, 7.342 million AMD in rental income and 9,400 Euros in dividends from the Pernod Ricard company. Bagratyan declared $65,000 in bank deposits.

Vardan Sedrakyan, an epic tale specialist, declared zero income. He did declare 9.9 million AMD in the bank.

Photo (left to right): Vardan Sedrakyan, Raffi Hovannisian, Hrant Bagratyan, Serzh Sargsyan

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Comments (2)
1. Hay21:08 - 18 January, 2013
Mejneri portabuydz@ Vardan Sedrakyann e. Naxagahi ays teknatsun chi ashxatum, chuni yekamut, chuni arjetxter u tankarjeq irer. Ayd depqum harc e tsaghum- ayd mard@ um mijocnerov e iren @ntaniq@ pahum? Ov e naxagahi ays teknatsuin hovanavorum?
2. andy22:43 - 18 January, 2013
I have read an article that Raffi Hovanesian has asked for a debate between him and Serg Sarkisian, wow, if this ever happen that means we are on the right trac, people everywhere raise your voice, lets do something that this takes place, I know the chance of it happening is slim, but at least we know who the chicken is, who is hiding from the truth, but we already know that, what am I talking about, stupid me.
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