Tuesday, 25 September

Snow Doesn't Deter Former Teryan Street Residents from Protesting Outside Presidential Palace

 Today’s morning snowfall in Yerevan didn’t deter former residents of Teryan Street to satge a protest outside the President Palace

Five years ago residents of 127 and 131 Teryan Street signed a contract with Region Invest. The company promised residents that if they vacated their homes they would be provided new apartments in a building to be constructed at the site. The company said the new building would be complete within two years.

Five years later and the former Teryan residents are still waiting for the building to be finished.

The developer has received several warnings from the Yerevan Municipality to finish the job. Chief Architect Narek Sargsyan set a November 1, 2012 deadline for the building to be completed.

That deadline came and went as well.

Residents have been renting housing all this time. Region Invest had been providing them with a monthly housing allowance of 70,000 AMD. But the company stopped paying one year ago.

Irate residents have been getting the run-around from Region Invest founder Khachik Zakaryan.

“Sometimes they say he’s out of town, in Moscow or somewhere else. They kept telling us that the payments would restart the following month. They never did. They just don’t want to deal with us,” complains Emma Stepanyan.

Alla Ghazaryan, another former resident, says the company was obligated to provide housing 24 hours after the original contract was signed.

“It’s now going on six years. They’re a bunch of crooks,” says Ghazaryan, adding that they haven’t sued the company because they don’t believe in the courts.

Today’s protest was the first organized by the former Teryan Street residents.

They assured me they will continue to protest until President Sargsyan forces Region Invest to fairly compensate them. 

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1. Vahag10:15 - 8 February, 2013
This is very poor reporting. This is rather not reposting, but gossip level material. Did you try to interview the company in questions? Is there a contract between the residents and the builder? If there is -- why arent they going to court?
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