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Serj to Serzh: "Those who steal elections from my people are domestic enemies"

Dear Mr. President,

Congratulations on your victory.

Victory means getting the most votes, of course, in a democracy.

Based on the overwhelming reported fraud from many NGOs, irrespective of the OSCE report, it seems like it would be scientifically impossible for even you, Mr. President, to know whether you actually won the majority of votes.

That's quite funny isn't it? That you, the President of Armenia are not really sure, deep inside, whether you are the true chosen leader of your people or not.

That would really bother me personally. If I wanted to lead my people, I would really want them to make that decision for themselves, because I respect my people and that is their decision to make. Otherwise, I would take over Armenia and call myself the Governor General of Armenia or Dictator du jour or whatever moniker I felt like sporting that day. Maybe your party is out of control and the oligarchs are running out of caviar or something and they want to make sure that the flow of the good times doesn't stop.

Whatever the case, it is time for change.

Whether you've won fairly or not, somehow you are now President, again.

What does that mean to you?

Yes, Artsakh is important to us all and we have to struggle together for our brothers there.

But what I mean is how are you going to progress the cause of Armenians, in Armenia and around the world?

How are you going to help pull the country out of its economic, social, and political dysfunction and turmoil?

Obama at least offers hope, even when he lets us down.

Years ago, I started a campaign asking President Obama to do the right thing and stick by his promise to recognize the Armenian Genocide.

You too took an oath, to the constitution of Armenia, to protect the country from enemies foreign and domestic. Those who steal elections from my people are domestic enemies that need to be punished.

It should be your duty to enforce that, even if some think it hypocritical. You should also consider dissolving Parliament and being the first Armenian reformist President who goes out of his way to make sure that future elections are fair and representational.

Serzh, everyone who knows me knows that I can't stand injustice. And like most diasporan Armenians, I have always been reluctant to criticize your government directly and publicly. But the avalanche of people suffering under your rule due to corruption and injustice is tipping the scale for us all.

You need to know that.

Armenia is desperate for the rule of law more than anything else. And no one can be above the law. You can make that happen, now, by example and presidential decree.

Unite us Serzh. Inspire us.

Please take this challenge.

Thank you for your time.


Serj Tankian

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Comments (6)
1. Ilia11:54 - 26 February, 2013
Iroq vor azgs ir isk yerkrum dareric yekac, aprel el chi karor, aysorva kertvor hayoc patmutyan, miayn u miayn stor tesaki patcharov.
2. AKS22:04 - 26 February, 2013
Very well said. With one caveat; the President does not have the right to dissolve the Parliament.
3. Hakob10:55 - 28 February, 2013
Hargarjan Tiknaiq jev Paronaiq, liovin hamazain em Paron Serge Tangiani metkeri enthazkin. Hark e vor aravel embost zainer lesven ais kam ain edjerum metavorakan jev voc metavorakan haiordineri kormiz.UR EN AID ZAINERE ? Qennadatutiune kam inqnaqennadatutiune zargazman lavaguin midjozn en. Te sexalvum em jes ? Ailevs bavakan e mer sepakan teshvarutian hamar meradrel otar harevannerin, handurjelov sepakan APASHNORUTIUNE. Jes nuinpes zankanum em linel orinjaz jerkir Hajastani qarakazi,vori qarakazin zavoq ailevs cem.
4. Heather Stock19:17 - 28 February, 2013
Serj, you beam brilliance ~ your music ~ your art ~ your taking a stand for the environment, and injustices. I have Armenian friends here in Canada, and I say thank you to YOU for speaking out!!! A true MAN you are.
5. Anton A02:01 - 1 March, 2013
Serzh might think that he is the "legitimate" president of Armenia, but he AIN'T. He still cries foul; Sezh may scratch, claw, and crow all he wants, but the people have spoken and it is time for him to leave the roost -- for good. This mafia-styled structure of the Armenian government that Serzh heads is a far cry from anything remotely resembling a democracy ( did we not just witness an election with more holes in it than Swiss cheese? -- and like always the people ended up with their portion of holes without the substance -- and lots of it, I might add); This plutocracy of the oligarchs and their cohorts have done enough damage. They have vacuumed the wealth and resources of this small nation and they want 5 more years to truckload money into their bank accounts? Give me a break! Respectfully, sir, I think not! --- What's wrong with this picture, dear Serzh! No clue? you tell him Serj. And all the conscientious and caring Serjs of the world no matter what your names happened to be. Thank you!
6. Ani20:10 - 2 March, 2013
Շնորհակալություն Հետքին`նամակն ամբողջության հրապարակելու համար: Հեռուստաընկերությունները Թանգյանի շնորհավորանքն այնպես էին ներկայացրել, որ ակամայից զայրանում էի`թե, իրականությունից հեռու`ինչպես է իրեն թույլ տալիս շնորհավորել ընտրակեղծիքներով իշխանությունը նվաճածին: Հիմա արդեն ամեն ինչ իր տեղն ընկավ: Սերժ Թանգյանն իր բարձրության վրա է:
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