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Deadly Accident: Worker Plummets 34 Meters to His Death at Teghout

A worker was killed on March 22 at the Teghout Enrichment Plant when the crane basket he was in plummeted 34 meters to the ground.

The 24 year-old worker, Yerevan resident Seyran Arakaleyan, had been employed by a company called Yerevan Metallic Constructs Factory.

The company was contracted to dismantle various metal structures at the Teghout site.

Rouben Papoyan, a member of the Tegout CJSC board, stated that Yerevan Metallic was solely responsible for the mishap, adding that an investigation is underway.

Seyran Arakelyan started working at Teghout in the fall of 2012.

Supervisors of the Yerevan Metallic work crew were at the site when the accident occurred.

When this reporter visited the site two days ago, they had left to attend Arakelyan’s funeral.

This is the second deadly accident at the Teghout site.

On December 26, 2012, 50-year-old Gagik Kochinyan fell from the second story of a mineral ore warehouse and died in a Yerevan hospital eight days later.

In both cases, criminal investigations are underway by local Alaverdi authorities.

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1. Сергеич П.15:25 - 28 March, 2013
Представтье ситуацию: у вас дома проблеммы с электричеством, Вы позвонили в специализированную организацию и позвали электрика. Тот прибыл, вы проверили документы и впустили, тот начал работать, и вдруг его ударило током и он умер. Трагично! Но если журналист вопросы адресует не его организации, а Вам, это ведь никуда не годится. Как Вы думаете?
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