Monday, 24 September

Activist: 'No citizen should have to pay more for gas than he or she receives as a pension'

Civic activist Vardan Hakobyan told reporters today that he has not come across one government bureaucrat that has publicly questioned the justification of the level of the proposed gas hike soon to hit Armenia.

“From the day the issue was raised, various level bureaucrats came out as defenders of the interests of HayGazRusArd,” said the activist and musician.

Hakobyan added that the Public Services Regulatory Committee also serves the interests of the government and noted yesterday’s public hearing as proof. He said the Committee tried to wrap up any dissenting discussion of the issue in just one day, even though there’s a three month time limit.

“Armenia claims to be a country where the social needs of citizens are insured. In such a country, a citizen should not have to pay more for gas than he or she receives as a pension,” Hakobyan said.

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