Monday, 24 September

Government Allocates 300 Million AMD to Repair Vanadzor Streets

The national government of Armenia had gone ahead an allocated 300 million AMD from the reserve fund for the capital renovation of several streets in the northern Armenian town of Vanadzor.

Work has already begun on Tigran Metz Avenue, Toumanyan Square, portions of the streets that intersect the square, and the Lori Square adjacent to the Holy Mother of God Church.

The allocation of the funds was made prior to the government officially passing aan additional expenditures package to solve what are described as “the pressing socio-economic issue of the provinces.”

Drivers and pedestrians plying the Tigran Metz thoroughfare have complained about the disruptions and inconveniences that the on-going construction has caused. It also appears that local traffic police haven’t stepped in to monitor traffic along the route.

Vandzor Mayor Samvel Darbinyan early this year earmarked 70 million AMD to fill in pot holes that turned local streets into a veritable obstacle course for drivers. Another 70 million will be allocated for the second half of the year to make most of the town’s streets passable.

Local store owners along the streets now being torn up say they have complained several times about the state of the sidewalks left in the wake of the construction crews.

“We’ve written four times to the municipality. Either they don’t have the funds or they don’t want to fix the mess they leave behind. It’s a shame. Perhaps they leave the sidewalks in such a state hoping that the  will repair them. We tried to fix them but it doesn't last,” complained Tigran, a shop owner. 

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1. Կորյուն22:00 - 26 June, 2013
60 միլիոն դրամ միայն նախագծային աշխատանքների համար???? Գժվել են սրանք??? Փող լվանալը էլ ոնց է լինում
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