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Turkish Foreign Minister: Armenian Lands Claims are “Product of Delirium”

Yesterday, during a one day visit to Azerbaijan, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu labelled the recent call by the Armenian Prosecutor General for land repatriations from Turkey as the “product of delirium”.

During a recent meeting of worldwide Armenian lawyers, Armenian Prosecutor General Aghvan Hovsepyan said that the border between Turkey and Armenia had never been legally established and that lost Armenian lands should be returned to Armenia.

Armenia "should know the limits of its capacity," Foreign MinisterAhmet Davutoğlu stated in Baku.

As reported by the Anadolu Agency, the Turkish Foreign Minister called on “those who dare to take a pebble from Turkey” to know their limits.

Davutoğlu’s visit coincides with joint military exercises launched by the Turkish and Azerbaijani armies on July 12 that will run in Baku and Nakhijevan until July 28. 


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Comments (10)
1. Dave19:50 - 18 July, 2013
Those people in Turkey and Azerbaijan who think that they can take Artsakh away from Armenians are delirious and deluded.
2. The Truth21:29 - 18 July, 2013
Turkish Foreign Minister like his boss - PM Erdogan- is simply arrogant, rude and willing to ignore the simplest facts- This prior to Armenian Genocide ethnic Turks made not more than 3 to 5% of population well know SIX Armenian provinces of Ottoman Turkey (Western Armenian). We are talking about the same 6 Armenian provinces of Armenian high land , which Turkish Ottoman Government had once again agreed to carry out an international reform program and did agree to a kind of self governance in Feb. 1914 ! The Ottoman Turkey did use the WW I as an excuse and opportunity to get ride of promised reforms by annihilating a big portion of Armenian people in there historic home land! Facts on the ground and aggressive Turkish denial policy are speaking for itself!
3. GB05:46 - 19 July, 2013
Davood Oghloo holding on his pant, he is having same pain as Sultan of Axerbaijan has, BARKING!!
4. Garo Avedis10:47 - 19 July, 2013
From international legal point of view,these six villayets belong to Armenia,Turkey should return these occupied lands,and pay for useage for all these times,including reimbursing the victims of the Armenian genocide.
5. Sorvino10:54 - 19 July, 2013
I hope Armenia will get the lost lands back from Turkey and Azerbaijan including a coast line on the Mediterranean. In my view, this may become possible when there is s civil war in Turkey and Azerbaijan which will make things a little easier to grab back those historical Armenian lands. What say you?
6. zohrab13:30 - 19 July, 2013
of course he will not be happy and make threatning comments but when we come with real facts and realities then i will see his smug face
7. Kevork19:27 - 21 July, 2013
Hey Akhmet, Turkey's land claims are a PRODUCT OF GENOCIDE. The day will come when we will get every inch of our lost land back to the last pebble.
8. Xunsap'ha03:34 - 12 August, 2013
I am not a turk, but I fully agree with Davutoglu's comments. I also wish I could read one realistic comment on the subject from an Armenian. It is very clear to me that Armenians have no understanding of the term "politics", that they think with their emotions, instead of their brains (IF they have one), and think that because historically the lands belonged to them, turks should say, "these lands used to be yours, so we (out of the kindness of our hearts, or because we believe in truth and justice) have decided to give them back to you. Here you are". The minister's word "delirium" is both realistic and quite measured in describing the Armenian mentality. I say measured, because my choice of descriptive would include words like "simpletons", "morons", "brainless twits". People are leaving Armenia in droves, because of the ruling gangsters and murderers, who are raping both the economy and the environment and you expect the turks to give you your so-called lands? I say, first go and learn to properly manage what you have, instead of coveting what your neighbour has. First get rid of the criminals who have taken control of your land. From president down, all your governors are nothing but amoral money-grabbing robbers. Even your church leaders are greedy, materialistic, immoral pretenders, mouthing the name of God and Jesus Christ, thereby feathering their own nests. If you really believe that the turks should set a precedent in world history by giving away lands, you are living in a fantasyland. Before you have the gall to demand from others, you should set the example yourself, by caring for your own people, your own lands, your own economy. You need to learn what justice is first, before you preach it to others. Be realistic. Start taking care of your own historical monuments, which are falling apart due to neglect, before you worry about what's on the other side of the border. Frankly speaking, your government's mismanagement, greed, the crudeness and couldn't-care-less attitude towards its own citizens does not inspire me with the notion of handing anything over to you. Are your leaders any better than the ones you demonize?? I think not.
9. Jay01:35 - 15 August, 2013
Yes, Mr./Mrs. expert. You are so knowledgeable on Armenian-Turkish politics that you would wanna help resolve the existing issues, but sadly you're too busy driving garbage truck in Constantinople. Armenia's and Armenians' business is non of your business. Take a hike.
10. Hasan08:35 - 15 February, 2015
I am a Turkish international relations expert and I would like to share some comments regarding international law with you. Treaty of Alexandropol of December 3 1920, was signed by both Armenian (Tashnak-dominated) and Turkish side but later not ratified by the Armenian Parliament because of Bolshevik takeover in Armenia. As a result of this takeover and non-ratification by Armenian side, Turkey and new Armenian government (this time Bolshevik dominated) signed the Kars Treaty of October 13, 1921 together with the Bolshevik Russia, Georgia SSR and Azerbaijan SSR; and the borders were set. After Soviet Union collapsed Armenia declared that this agreement is void. However it is not possible to declare an agreement void as the regime of one signatory country changes. If this were possible every regime change in any country would result in many unrecognized treaties. So the existing borders are legal according to international law, and all other comments of previous commentators may feed nationalists but they are not real and realistic. I hope both Armenian and Turkish people be away from nationalisms.
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