Saturday, 22 September

Protestors Demand Resignation of Transportation Department Head

Scores of activists gathered in front of the Yerevan Municipality this afternoon to demand the resignation of Transportation Department Head Henrik Navasardyan and Misak Hambardzoumyan, Director of Yerevan Trans Ltd.

Yesterday, in a policy reversal, Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan temporarily suspended the fare hikes announced a week ago.

A phalanx of police barred the protesters from handing their ultimatum Municipality officials.

In return, the activists staged a sit-down, stating that they wouldn't leave until their demands were met.

The activists also demanded that Mayor Margaryan make public the documents, based on which, he allowed the 50% fare hikes in the first place.

Another demand being made is that the Municipality assumes operational control of public transportation in the Armenian capital.

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1. Եփրեմ Այլեվայլյան17:17 - 26 July, 2013
500 ոստիկան... 100 ցուցարար: Գնա գլուխ հանի...
2. amb00:22 - 27 July, 2013
The fact that the city reversed it's decision is an indication that the governing body of the country is open to people's demands. Which means the system is democratic and open. So the regime is not all repressive and one-sided. Both the governing state and the protestors (or citizens) have to learn how to work together. The state has to consider the just and reasonable demands of its citizens and respond positively to it, and the citizens have to make sure their demands are logical, reasonable within the confines and constraints of economics of running a metropolitan city.
3. mahmouzian09:59 - 28 July, 2013
the city is run by a bunch of bimbo .strting with the mayor .they just look for themselve .hetq thanks for the pictures
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