Tuesday, 25 September

The Armenian Higher Education Initiative Brings New Regions, New Disciplines to Second Annual Summer Program

The AHEI is pleased to announce the completion of its second annual Summer Program in Humanities and Social Sciences. This year, students came together from Javakh, Abkhazia, as well as several regions of Armenia for an intensive course designed to enhance critical thinking skills and lay solid groundwork for future research undertakings. The program was sponsored by the Open Society Institute, and training space was provided by Yerevan State University.

A variety of experts from across the Armenian diaspora combined efforts to deliver an integrated series of seminars and lectures in their respective areas of specialization. Two primary seminars in political science theory and historiography - given by DrsHamazaspDanielyan of Yerevan State University and Elke Hartmann of the Freie University of Berlin - were complemented by lectures in comparative government; the history of diplomacy; art, politics, and propaganda; and other subjects. In addition, participants received an intensive two-week introduction to SPSS, a software program commonly used in social science research.

Following the course, students will spend the next several months conducting research on themes determined during the course of the program. Research projects will be monitored distantly by participating professors.

AHEI alumni continue to build bonds with one another and share academic and professional opportunities through active online networks. Because of the links created between staff, alumni, and related parties, participants have expanded their academic horizons, gained employment, and found new volunteer opportunities. In addition, AHEI networks serve as a bridge between critical members of diasporan communities that would otherwise have very little or no contact with one another. The organization continues to work on expanding these networks and opening more doors to its members.

For more information about the Armenian Higher Education Initiative, please go to www.armhei.org or contact Sarah Ludwig, Executive Director at info@armhei.org.

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1. Vanessa Kachadurian23:34 - 10 August, 2013
Its a long time overdue, but these courses will train the future business leaders of Armenia who will take the economy to a new level. Many are also learning Chinese on top of Russian, a few are learning Japanese as there will be more joint business ventures with those countries especially in Gold mining. Bravo to the Armenian Higher Education Initiative.
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