Tuesday, 22 May

Raffi Hovannisian Holds Public Meeting: “Change Must Come By Year’s End”

At what was described as a public meeting in Yerevan’s Liberty Square to mark the 23rd anniversary of Armenia’s Declaration of independence, Heritage Party leader Raffi Hovannisian called for a renewed attempt to unite opposition forces in order to save Armenia from what he described as the looming abyss that faces the country. 

Hovannisian was joined by a cross-section of civil society, political leaders, civic activists, and young people fighting for their rights, all declaring that the time had come for all to put aside their petty squabbles and partisan differences and forge a movement designed to bring systematic changes to the governance of Armenia by year’s end. 

Addressing a crowd gathered on the Square, Hovannisian extended his heartfelt congratulations to the entire Armenian nation on the occasion of the Declaration’s adoption. “This date marks an important milestone in the quest for fulfillment of our long-cherished national dream: establishment of a statehood anchored in democracy, freedom, and the rule of law,” Hovannisian said. “Notwithstanding this promising start, two decades of vice, injustice and emigration ensued in Armenia, delivering a systemic blow to the nation’s dignity and its democratic determination. As a nation we are tasked today with recommitting ourselves to the national aspirations of democratic statehood and the supremacy of rights. Our—and first of all the young generation’s—sacred duty is to serve this purpose and to work for Armenia’s empowerment.”

The rally concluded with a concert featuring a performance by the Armenian band “Reincarnation.”

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1. avo00:04 - 28 August, 2013
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