Monday, 24 September

College Students Protest Planned Tuition Hikes

A group of students gathered outside the Government Building in Yerevan to protest tuition hikes that will come into effect in Armenia’s colleges and universities this fall.

The protesters say the hikes are illegal since the Education Ministry hasn't taken into account the financial status of the students to be affected.

They also do not believe that the tuition hikes will result in better quality education. After submitting their letter of grievances to Minister of Education and Science Armen Ashotyan (see photo), the students took their protest to a number of nearby state universities.

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1. mahmouzian20:56 - 29 August, 2013
just explain us how the raise in tution fee will give a better education.tell us explain look at this minister with his armani suit let him tell us how he got it .with his salarie or with bribes and cash payment for passing grades. tell us minister us. how some of thoses kids. i am sure the best. can pay those new fee.if you where a men you will explain but between you in government and a donkey i dont see to much difference bunch of no good parasites
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