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Zaruhie Postanjyan Excluded from Armenian Delegation to PACE

National Assembly President Hovik Abrahamyan has pushed through  a new make-up for the Armenian delegation to PACE that has effectively left the opposition Heritage Party out in the cold.

On October 2, Heritage Party MP Zaruhie Postanjyan grilled President Serzh Sargsyan at a PACE session in Strasburg about his alleged million dollar gambling losses at various European casinos.

Postanjyan was widely criticized for her remarks by the ruling Republican Party and it now appears that the Armenian government is getting payback.

Heritage will no longer have any seats on the Armenian delegation to PACE.

The revamped composition is as follows: Republican Party (two seats and one alternate), Prosperous Armenia (one seat and one alternate), HAK (one seat), and one substitute spot to Rule of Law and the ARF.

According to the new composition of the Armenian parliamentary delegation, the ruling Republican party will have nine spots, Prosperous Armenia – five, and one apiece to HAK, the ARF, Rule of Law and Heritage.

After Postanjyan made her remarks, during which she also labeled Sargsyan as an “illegitimate” head of state, National Assembly President Hovik Abrahamyan labeled her statement as slanderous, arguing that it violated parliamentary regulations and Armenian laws.

At the time, Abrahamyan said he would take measures to ban Postanjyan from the delegation.

In response to today’s decision, Postanjyan described the move as “authoritarian” and said that “difficult days” awaited Abrahamyan and his fellow party members. 

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Comments (5)
1. Simon Aynedjian00:12 - 24 October, 2013
It is not the President of the National Assembly that placed Postanjyan out of the PACE delegation. She placed herself out through her lack of political culture and her treacherous behaviour... ... and now she leads an opposition block in Parliament throwing new threats ... "You will be having hard times... These actions will not be forgiven" We have a suggestion for you Ms. Postanjyan. Do us all a favour and resign. We cannot afford your show
2. minas03:26 - 24 October, 2013
Simon Either we are European or we are not. This politician is being punished simply due to her statements which are perceived as being slanderous by some. In a normal European country this would have been simply tolerated and if it was really slanderous they could have taken measures against her through judiciary. I think in such an environment of blackmail and bullying there is no point for opposition to keep attending the sessions of the parliament. This is more like a huge theater were people are just pretending they have democracy, the truth is that if you exceed your limit, you will just get punished like a typical authoritarian system.
3. Raffi00:18 - 25 October, 2013
I totally disagree with Simons point of view. In any democratic society she or he is allowed to expand on their views views and not punished for it,but sadly we all know Armenia is a corrupt dictatorship with rigged elections from day one and under this criminal oligarch serzh who killed 10 innocent Armenians during the elections. I suggest Armenia can't afford such thugs to stay in power.
4. Աշոտ13:41 - 26 October, 2013
Հայկական կայքում բարի ողոք գրել հայերեն և հայատառ
5. H.C.22:32 - 26 October, 2013
Ms. Zaruhi Postadjian's more recent stunt is that bill she submitted to the Parliament, about Artsakh. ---- In the current state of things, the recognition of Arsakh by Armenia is an absurdity. ---- Everybody knows that, in fact, and on every level possible, the two constitute one country. ---- Moreover, not only Artsakh is not asking for such a useless recognition, but the representative of its Ministry of Defense declared that such a move would be damaging, and deplored the fact that Postandjian is exploiting this subject for superficial political purposes. ---- Such a recognition would generate a real risk of restarting the war. In any event, it would result in serious tensions, which will drain and waste even more of our already limited means and energy, for nothing. ---- Considering that Mrs. Postadnjian is now the leader of the Heritage faction in the Parliament (her predecessor having resigned, right after her little show at the Council of Europe, which he had criticized...), we are discovering every day a bit more how unfit and unworthy Mr. Raffi Hovannesian is, to become President of Armenia. ---- Ms. Zaruhi Postandjian doen't know what to invent next, so that her juvenile fans may put her on youtube or twitter. ----- She is our Kim Kardashian of the Caucacus. ------- Haytoug Chamlian, Canada
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