Monday, 24 September

Prime Minister Sargsyan: ‘Even a dead person can register a company in Cyprus’

The offshore scandal that Hetq first broke several months ago continues to haunt Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan, no matter how he tries to wriggle free.

Yesterday, during a Q&A session at the National Assembly, opposition HAK MP Levon Zurabyan again raised the issue of Sargsyan’s involvement in an offshore company that allegedly siphoned millions of dollars in loans.

Prime Minister Sargsyan, true to form, said that while he has already responded to allegations of his involvement, nevertheless, he’s the most interested to get to the bottom of the matter.

Sargsyan again argued that he never authorized anyone to register his name for an offshore company and that he never travelled to Cyprus during the time in question.

The prime minister said that the entire story was a fabrication intended to defame him.

“The fact remains that a company can be registered in Cyprus using anyone’s name. In fact, even dead people can go to Cyprus and register a company. As we see, there are many ways to disparage officials,” Sargsyan stated.

Levon Zurabyan responded that in the six months since the story broke, nothing has been presented to refute the charges, and that keeping the issue in the public spotlight isn’t aimed at disparaging the prime minister but an attempt to “wipe away the dirt” that has smeared the government.  

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1. Varujan13:58 - 24 October, 2013
Only in a country like Armenia where there is no rule of law that a prime minister can stay in his post after such revelations. In a civilized, democratic country, both the prime minister and the bishop would have resigned at least temporarily until the matter is decided by the courts. It is so painful to see that a nation who was nearly destroyed almost 100 years ago by Genocidal Young Turks is now being ruled by its own criminals
2. Mihran20:14 - 25 October, 2013
The country and the church have been hijacked by a bunch of criminals for their wealth.At this rate there wont be a country left,already the population has dropped to nearly 2 million where as the official figure stands at 3.2 million the deliberate overestimate is for rigging the elections in order to stay in power. This is what we have sunk to.
3. Mahmouzian10:55 - 26 October, 2013
Minister?.......?if you where half of a man you will quit since you are at your post you have been a complete disaster .be a men .a mensch .quit
4. Mihran21:59 - 26 October, 2013
No dead person can open an offshore account in Cyprus,this scenario can only happen in a corrupt stricken country like Armenia run by such thugs.
5. arev13:12 - 29 October, 2013
hayeren kreg eli cehq jogum??
6. Mahmouzian@msn.com10:32 - 6 November, 2013
Only your dead brain can make this kind of are just a bunch of crooks .i am surprise that you still govern.well I guess bigger crooks put you there .the way you treat our people only show us in the diaspora that you are no t in a position to hold office a dead brain is a dead brain.and you guys are bunch of dead brain.
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