Monday, 24 September

Activists Use "Dance" to Protest Pak Shouka Illegal Conversion Into a Supermarket

Activists seeking to restore Yerevan’s Pak Shouka (Closed Market) to its original form, today used traditional Armenian dance as a sign of protest. 

The activists gathered at Mashtots Park and then marched to the site of the Yerevan landmark.

They argued that traditional dance, just like landmarks, are a part of Armenian culture that need to be protected. 

As before, the activists were met with boos and chants of “Get Lost” by supporters of the transformation of the landmark into a supermarket. 

As they marched, the activists called on passersby to boycott the new supermarket and the other Yerevan City stores owned by MP Samvel Aleksanyan.


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1. Arshag02:38 - 5 November, 2013
Authorities have yet to answer why it was not possible to keep the original form of the market and adjust it for use as supermarket. Why was it necessary to destroy such a valuable monument. It is heartening that a group of citizens stand for our national values. This is the sign of awakening of our civil society. I would say: Power to you new generation of Armenian boys and girls! You are the hope of the new Armenia.
2. Koko03:44 - 7 November, 2013
is this the same Arshag from the Armenian Weekly article about Shant?
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