Sunday, 23 September

German Embassy Gets 3.2 Million Euro Face-Lift

3.2 million Euros was spent to totally reconstruct the German Embassy in Yerevan, which officially reopened today.

On hand at the opening ceremonies were German Ambassador Rainier Morel and Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian.

German and Armenian companies were contracted for the job which took two years to complete. The embassy continued to function throughout the construction.

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1. Ed23:55 - 23 November, 2013
"German Embassy Gets 3.2 Million Euro Face-Lift"... 8 out of 10 pictures show Nalbandyan's cheeks, non shows the face-lift.
2. Souren03:01 - 24 November, 2013
Very nice indeed, I hope that German archives will be opened to clarify Armenian Genocide closed Facts and the sinister role that German high command in Turkey played during Genocide 1915/1918 years and in March 1918 in Brest/Litovks treaty terms where Kars/Ardahan region occupied by Russia 1875 war was promised to be returned back to Turkey, which happened 1920 with Turkey/ Communist Russia concerted invasion on free Armenia imposing by treaty to surrender. Germany must apologies to Armenia and to Armenians as they did to Jews 1946 for holocaust. They could prevent our holocaust to their war allies Turkey very easily when constructing Berlin/Baghdad railway which was used to transport Armenian deportees like herds in the wagons to the desert to Deir-Zor to be killed. they must pay billions of compensation as they did to jews and NOT OBSTRUCTING payments of German insurance companies to Genocide victims surviving family members requests for life insurances
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