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Metal Prince Mining Dumps Its Waste In Debed River

Locally picked blackberries may be hazardous to your health

This is not the first time that Hetq has written about toxic wastes from the Metal Prince mining company flowing into the Akhtala River which then feeds into the Debed River in northern Armenia.

Metal Prince Ltd. is owned by American-Armenian businessman Serob Der-Bedrossian who is now embroiled in a court case on charges of pedophilia.

In the past we weren’t able to photograph how the company was dumping its wastes into the river under the cover of darkness. It was just too dangerous an area to traverse given the pools of toxic waste water underfoot.

On August 14, after having received a call that the company was dumping wastes into the river, we rushed to the scene and photographed the process. It was 8pm when we arrived.

This dangerously polluted water is used further downstream to irrigate crops in the villages of Akhtala, Karkop, Shnogh, Tchotchkan and Noyemberyan.

For years, Armenia’s Ministry of Nature Protection and Lori Marz law enforcement agencies have turned a blind eye to what is taking place.

After all, Der-Boghossian had friends in high places.

At the site, we came upon Akhtala resident Gyulnara. The woman was out picking blackberries that she would sell at the Alaverdi town market the next day to customers with no clue as to their source.

The moral of the story is “caveat emptor”, especially when buying locally grown or wild produce in the Akhtala region.

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Comments (5)
1. Gor09:56 - 15 August, 2011
shat hetakrkir e darnum seropy txanerin er brnabarum ,kinn el mayr bnutyuny erkrapahneri hovanu nerko.tesnes inch en mtacum sra masin mer iskhanutyunnery ev parapanc erkrapahnery
2. maria20:23 - 15 August, 2011
Aid Serob Ter-Petrosiany dyrs e galis vor Haiastan e ekel hajerin korcanely hamar.Karox e da hai 4e? Kaskac e arajanym...Ibr Haiastanym hai e mnacel ,hatkapes Alaverdym,exacin el thynavor po4aqner en .Miangamic bnapahpanuyhian naxararythiyny veracnen eli.Heriq a eli .Keran ed anmex joxovrdin ed dzriaker,kasharakernery.Ed voxormeli .
3. Nazik23:25 - 15 August, 2011
El inch meknabanutiun? Iskakan No Comment
4. Vache16:03 - 16 August, 2011
ara ho turq cheq, dranc petqa vrndel hayastanic
5. Aram20:57 - 21 August, 2011
Since Hayastan belongs to all Armenians, it would seem that no Armenian has the right to "vrendel" another Armenian. The rest should be tried in court.
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