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Wikileaks: Armenian Police Blackmail Gays

The following article appeared in the Sydney Star Observer dated September 3, 2011.

Armenian police continued to blackmail gay men after homosexuality was decriminalised, according to US Embassy cables leaked by Wikileaks.

"Despite new legislation that decriminalised homosexuality in Armenia, societal discrimination remained an obstacle for homosexuals in 2003," the cable reads.

"Members of the homosexual community told [the] US Embassy on December 24 that homosexuals continue to face intolerant attitudes and severe discrimination in rural areas and in the military.

"[A] Local human rights NGO said that cases of police harassment of homosexuals now involve blackmail and extortion rather than violence. Both noted, however, that the overall situation had improved and that cases of harassment had abated somewhat during the past year in [the capital] Yerevan.

"Chairman of the Helsinki Association, Mikail Danielyan reported that police officers continue to harass homosexuals in Armenia. He reported at least three cases in which police attempted to blackmail men by threatening to publicly expose them as homosexuals to their families and friends.

"Police officers now use less violent tactics but pressure homosexuals for information about homosexuals, especially married men, in high-ranking business or government positions from whom they can extort larger amounts of money," the cable reads.

Armenia has no laws protecting people from discrimination on the grounds of sexuality.

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1. Norserunt22:18 - 23 October, 2016
Despite what Western propaganda tries to claim, simply put, homosexuality is a psychosexual disorder. Sometimes, the disorder is a result of hormonal imbalances in an individual. That being said, no one is suggesting violence or discrimination against gays. What gays do behind closed doors is not any of my business. What individuals like me will not accept is the glorification and celebration of homosexuality. What individuals like me will not accept is exposing impressionable children to homosexual lifestyle. Armenians need to understand that Western/globalist interests have weaponized and politicized homosexuality among many other things and are using it as a tool of undermining traditional values and societal fabric around the world. Armenians therefore need to be seriously worried about importing Western "values" into Armenia. Just like with liberlaism, multiculturalism and interacialism, the agenda to condition young minds about homosexuality is seen on television programming and movies throughout the Western world. In fact, children in the US are given homo-friendly literature in grade school. The Western world is in decline. The Western world is in fact comiting sucide. Armenia has enough problems, Armenia does not need this kind of poison.
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