Friday, 21 September

Political Directives Also Needed to “Uncover” Known Criminals

One year ago, National Assembly MP Karo Karapetyan opened fire on Artur Zadoyan, a resident of Nerkin Dvin village. “On September 28, 2009, at 10:30, you came to my wine factory and proposed to pay an amount for some stolen cars; a Mercedes, a Touareg and a Porsche. I accepted the offer and we went to look at the cars…”

This is what RoA National Assembly MP Karo Karapetyan (nicknamed Youvetsi Karo) said during face to face interrogation with Artur Zadoyan.

Read the above carefully; we are talking about stolen cars. Everyone in Armenia knows that this MP used to sell stolen cars, and I believe he still in the same line of work.

I wouldn’t be surprised if these cars are being tracked by Interpol. In addition, the serial numbers and names of the owners of two cars transported from Turkey are known. Why don’t the police launch a criminal case?

Why is this guy still serving in the National Assembly? In a weird twist of fate, those who should answer such questions are drafting a national anti-corruption campaign. This MP should have been hit with a number of criminal charges by now, but he hasn’t. A political directive from “on high” is needed first.

A political decision is needed for anything to happen in this country; even to uncover a criminal wrongdoer. Karo Karapetyan once served as the Police Chief in Ashtarak. Can you imagine what he got away with during those years in office?

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