Sunday, 23 September

Viktor Dallakyan Declares Start of Election Campaign and Suffers a Loss

RA National Assembly MP Viktor Dallakyan’ now famous statement on charitable giving has essentially declared the start of the pre-election campaign. Some claim that Dallakyan made the statement on his own initiative. But it’s difficult to believe that he would have taken such a serious step on his own. Dallakyan is trying to convince people that his quote, taken from the Armenian playwright Shirvanzade, in no way referred to Gagik Tsarukyan. Thus, the question arises, who did Dallakyan have in mind? Naturally, Dallakyan cannot provide a suitable answer since there is no one else around for whom such “bell ringing” is appropriate.

Dallakyan’s situation is complicated. It wouldn’t be so tragic if there wasn’t the story of $50,000. He has never denied taking the money from Tsarukyan in return for making the statement. And I believe that Dallakyan, rather than trying to convince people that his comments didn’t refer to Tsarukyan, would be better served to try and refute the rumors of taking the money.

This is vital to preserve Dallakyan’s image. If you haven’t taken the money and talk about charity, that makes you one sort of person. If you have taken the money and say so, you come out another person. In the case where you have taken the money but deny it; you turn into a third type of character.

Dallakyan must decide which of the three it will be. Members of the Prosperous Armenian Party (BHK) quickly responded to Dallakyan’s comments. First off, there was his closest friend Vardan Bostantchyan, who pulled out as serving as god-parent. He could have handed in his BHK mandate and thus save himself and his friend. He didn’t do this.

Perhaps, he never had a chance to think about it. Politics demands its victims. Losing one’s god-parent is possibly the first physical and spiritual loss of the pre-election campaign. BHK leader Gagik Tsarukyan personally offered his answer to Dallakyan. It didn’t mince words - Tsarukyan wanted a majority. This was the result of Dallakyan’s pre-election initiative.

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