Monday, 24 September

Der-Boghossian Declares He's Innocent of Molestation Charges

At yesterday’s trial session in the ongoing court case of American-Armenian businessman Serop Der-Boghossian, indicted on charges of pressuring young boys to engage in sexual acts, expressed remorse but denied that he was guilty of the charges brought by the prosecution.

Prosecutor Aram Amirzadyan told reporters after the trial that he had questioned Der-Boghossian about his personal relations with women.

Amirzadyan, however, did not divulge the response given by the accused.

The prosecutor did reveal that Der-Boghossian denied being sexually molested as a child.

When this reporter asked Amirzadyan how Der-Boghossian explained having so many young boys as friends, the prosecutor only answered that the accused said it was based on mutual consent.

Amirzadyan also said that he had asked Der-Boghossian what relations a 70 year-old man could possibly have with teenage boys.

The prosecutor denied the possibility that the charges against Der-Boghossian would be changed.

“Let the trial take its course. If the court cannot prove the charges that Der-Boghossian used physical violence against the boys, changes to the indictment may occur,” he stated, adding that he was certain the charges would be proved.

The next trial date was set for October 19 and it is expected the prosecutor will continue his questioning of Der-Boghossian.

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Comments (5)
1. haykUS18:11 - 14 October, 2011
This evil filthy trash needs to go to jail. If he is freed because of his money or connections with Armenian government. I personally will send numerous letters to the FBI and Police in US, so all can flag him as a raper, child molester and he will have hell life here in US!
2. AREV20:23 - 14 October, 2011
serob pedofil porosyani gorci masin bolorn en hetaqrqrvum, rusastanum arajhadrvac qimiakan amordzatman dzev@ AYO KARELI E KIRAREL NAEV ET BIDZU TIKNAPAH LAKOTNERIN> VOJH MI NORMAL MARD EL IR DRAM- DOLLAR2 jhi ogtagorci pedikutyan vra. aynpes vor bolor@ ET PATIJ2 kreluc kvaxenan/
3. Marianna 09:40 - 17 October, 2011
Great haykUS, everything can happen in Armenia, espeially when u have money and people in the government. So, we need and must to do all we can to make them do the right decision....
4. Mleh Ishkhanian 17:03 - 19 October, 2011
2. AREV, yes knakhntreyi mechanikakan (dasakan)amordzatum@ ayt pedophili hamar.. Qorr danakov.
5. noname21:30 - 19 October, 2011
Es anasun@ anhajox aborti zoha exel!!!!!!
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