Monday, 23 April

Government Allocates 80 Million AMD to Boost IT Sector

To boost the IT sector in Armenia, the government has again allocated 80 million AMD (US$200,000). A breakdown of who will receive the money follows.

10 million – DigiTec Information & Telecommunication Technologies Expo and related events

17.2 million – Venture Conference (Part of the Science and Technologies Entrepreneurship Program/STEP)

2 million – ICT Leaders Meeting without Ties Forum (4 times yearly)

3 million – 2014 DigiTec Business Innovation Forum

7 million – ArmTec 2014 Conference

20 million – Armenia-Indian ICT Center

10 million – Microsoft Innovation Center

5 million – To develop capabilities with Intel, SISCO, National Instruments, Nokia and other multinational companies

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1. b-nice22:59 - 5 May, 2014
Why is the government giving money to large corporations like Microsoft, Intel, Nokia, etc? These companies don't need the money, especially small amounts like this. I am interested in any explanation.
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