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Lack of School and Kindergarten Town's Main Problems, Says Mayor While Buying Loudspeakers for Town Festivities

The two main problems of the town of Burastan in Ararat Province, according to the mayor, are the lack of a school and a kindergarten. However, these issues not yet resolved, the mayor, AshotTarverdyan, has decided to promote the development of culture and sports. Tarverdyan already spoke with a few athletes to hold classes on Olympic sports in their town.

Though the town's four-year development program includes constructing a new school, the mayor isn't too hopeful. Besides, he says, children go to the school in neighboring Masis, which is fine for them.

The matter of a kindergarten Burastan partly resolves with primary school. According to Tarverdyan, they haven't determined the estimates for constructing a kindergarten school and how much money is needed is not known. First, they don't have a building appropriate for a kindergarten, and if there's funding, they're planning on adding rooms and a kitchen to the primary school and solving the matter this way. 

At the time the Hetq correspondent visited the town, the yard of the building that houses the town administration, cultural center, and gymnasium was decorated with colorful ribbons and streamers. Outdoor camp, a big holiday for the children, had begun. 

The building, however, was built in the 1970s and has not had any capital renovation since now. According to the mayor, the 350-seat gym must be repaired immediately and the flooring in the gym needs to be changed, but there is no money. Furthermore, the building doesn't have a toilet — or rather, they don't work. Money has been allocated from the town budget this year to repair two toilets. 

Tarverdyan says everything they do is calculated. They plan to acquire a new company car, within the scope of 6–7 million AMD ($14,750 – $17,215), but they changed their mind and decided that it's better for them to buy an old VAZ 3110 and direct the rest of the money to solving town issues. For example, they intend to build a temporary bus shelter with seating. For this purpose, 1 million 400 thousand AMD ($3,440) has already been allocated.

The town's achievements, according to the mayor, include building a garden in the town administration yard, placing CCTV cameras in the yard to ensure safety, acquiring a water cooler for town administration employees to survive the summer heat, and two loudspeakers so that town festivities can be heard .

In the first six months of the year, the town administration collected 50.1% of this year's land tax and 64.8% of this year's property tax. Collection also exceeded 50% for local fees. Tarverdyan says he doesn't have problems when it comes to tax collection — residents, seeing the work that's been done, come and make their payments.

The mayor said the town's budget is 44 million 780 thousand AMD ($110,140), 27 million AMD ($66,410) of which is a subsidy. An auction sale of residential land was organized on July 18 to supplement the town budget. Tarverdayn hoped to get 2 million AMD ($4,920) from the auction, which would be directed toward funding mapping the village and cemetery. However, the auction brought in only 1 million 200 thousand AMD ($2,950).   

The starting bid for the land plots was 100% of their cadastre value (540,000 AMD, or $1,328)  and the amount of one bid was 5000 AMD ($12). Two of the land plots put for auction were bought. The first was purchased after 4 bids; the second, after 9 bids.

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