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Photo Gallery – Armenia's Areni Wine Festival

Hundreds turned out for the Areni Wine Festival on October 4.

They came from Yerevan, other parts of Armenia, and from distant shores

They came to taste homemade and factory wines, to dance, and participate in the merry-making under the sunny skies of this Vayots Dzor village known for its grapes and vineyards.

Some drank from the public wine trough.

One could purchase a 1,000 liter of unaged red wine for a mere $2.50.

Many a tipsy reveler could be seen meandering back to their cars or the public buses.

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1. Անի Հարությունյան12:08 - 11 August, 2015
Արդեն պա՞րզ է, թե այս տարի որ օրն է լինելու Փառատոնը
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