Saturday, 22 September

Armenia’s Police Houses Foreign Delegations at Posh Yerevan Hotel Linked to Minister

Last year, Armenia’s Police Department paid 4 million AMD (approx US$8,490) to high class Yerevan hotel to house a delegation from Russia’s interior ministry.

The July 15 contract, signed with Golden Palace, was for two Apartment Suites (290,000 AMD each), four Senior Suites (190,000 each), 12 Junior Suites (130,000 each), 5 Standard Deluxes (67,000 each) and 4 Standard Doubles (49,000 each).

The Armenia’s Police Department signed a 2.296 million AMD ($4,873)contract on December 9 with the same hotel to lodge a delegation from Georgia’s interior ministry – 1 Luxe (348,000), 14 Semi-Luxe (80,000 each) and 12 Standard Rooms (69,000 each).

Golden Palace, which is commonly linked to current Minister of Economics Karen Chshmarityan, was established by Rivelhir Holdings, registered in Cyprus. In 2013, the sole shareholder of the hotel changed hands to Golden Palace Limited, registered in England.

According to the Great Britain corporate registry Golden Palace Ltd. was dissolved in 2014.

From 2007-2008, former deputy transport minister Hayk Chshmarityan (a relative of Karen Chshmarityan) owned shares in the hotel.

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