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Istanbul, April 24 - Paying Homage

Today, the 96th anniversary of the 1915 Armenian Genocide, commemorations took place in five Turkish cities – Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Diyarbakir and Bodrum.


The largest event, entitled "This is Our Pain", took place in Istanbul. Around 200 people showed up to pay their respects to the victims of the Genocide.

Large numbers of police were on hand since, a few meters away, another protest was being staged by the Marxist-Leninist "People's Liberation Party". This group had unfurled a large banner displaying Mustafa Kemal and Lenin along with anti-Armenian slogans. There were no confrontations between the two groups.

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Comments (2)
1. Canadian01:17 - 25 April, 2011
So now anti-Armenian protests are being hidden behind the Marxist-Leninist masks.
2. GAYTZAG palandjia20:17 - 7 May, 2011
Ngaragrutyun@ nouynn" e inchbes H1 i vra paron Artyom-in@ DYURAHAVAD, PAREMDOREN MODECOX-CHASELU HAMAR PARZAMDOREN...HARC EM DALIS?gidek jisht aydbes ein mdacum nayev shurj Dar araj Bolsahayer-terevs vomank el hima-bayc ourish harc e te irenc GARAVAROX DAS INCH MODECUM UNI,AVELI BACADREM..... Noka, nrank- amen gerb porcum en irenc shaheri zukaher-ayn e mi gerb Ashkharhin-anshusht aveli EU-in cucadrel work poxvel en yev gam poxvelu untackum-jisht inchbes AYSOR ISK PANARMENIAN-NET i vfra iren mi GARAVARAGN GOCICHN E ARDAHAYDVEL...aysinkn men Debi Democracia enk GNOUM.. yEXAV? IHARGE WOR VOCH.hARGE HEDEVEL INCH E GORCADRUM IRENC GARAVARUTYAN GORCADIR@....iSK TE INCHU mER hAYASTANCINER AYNDEX HAYDNVECIN, POXANAG -barz en yexel iharge-g n a y i n fanatic bayc voch jartarar ,Islam voyeve yergir (bacarutyun grgin Bakistan) DESEK INCHU -YES IMI JI AYLOC DEXIC DEX EM TRCHUM, G´NEREK-INCHU C A R D vERCHIN@ CHI GAROXACEL india -I HED lriv hasdvel:::: OUREMN ARNVAZN PARON ARDYOMNER, ZGOUYSH SHAD ZGOUYSH ,INDZ IPR LAV KHORHOURT HAYRES E DVEL WOR AVELI KAN 30 DARINER bOLIS E ABREL ASHKHADEL ,,,,,,HERU!!! YETE BIDI CHVEK bARSGASDANIC(LA HYURUNGAL yERGIR-gNACEK YERGIR WOR GLXAVORABAR kRISTONIA E(iHARGE AYN ZHAMANAG DER angakh hayasstan chi gar...inch yeve ayskan miayn.Mi havadacek turkerin...havadk mi undzayek.APSOS WOR HAYASTANCINER GRGIN BOLIS -TURKIA MDAN.... ISK INCHU HAYASTAN IREC VSDAHUTYUN-GORC CHI UNDZAYUM.BARZ E YEV SHAD BARZ. CAVOK ANGAKHUM IC HEDO LTP Levon yev irEN sadarox gabidalistagan mer ramgavaragan ca`pitalistaganner ayd system regime CANOTACRIN HAYASTAN,POXANAK MER DASHNAGNER VOXJAMID LINEIN MIANAYIN S.DEMOCRAT MARXIST COMUNIST YEV UNTHANRABES NOCA HED WOR BIDI DZGTEIN OUNENAL SVEYO sWEDEN,,,,,,socialistagan regime...arnvazn lezu gdnein GABIDALISTNERI HED ASELOV TOXEK MENK ANCNEK POXANCMAN(ANCUMAYIN) MI 10/12 DARI SHRJAN ..ABA G´MDNENK lRIV azad (vAYRI)shugayaganutyun..Avax aydbes chi sdacvec..yev him ouzenk te voch...ayd hosanki mej e Hayastan, yev harg e mi gerb prgenk mer aveli hamest dasagarkin hascnelu noca arnvazn MIJIN DASAGARKI...WOR CHI ARDAGAKHTEN. ISK YES OUNEM DZRAGIR WOR JIST HAGARAG GAROX ENK GAZMAGERBEL AYN E (n e r g k h t )...te inchbes harc dvek ? hajortiv dze bacadrem....Kharasho?Yexav?
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