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2015: Armenia’s Cell Phone Operators Paid 24.2% Less in Taxes

Armenia’s three cell phone service providers (ArmenTel, K-Telecom, Orange Armenia) paid 37.5 billion AMD ($75.8 million) in taxes in 2015; 24.2% less than in 2014.

K-Telecom was the largest taxpayer of the three, paying 18.6 billion AMD in 2015.This made the company the third largest taxpayer overall in Armenia for 2015, despite the fact that it paid 10.3 billion less in taxes than in 2014.

Paying 15.5 billion AMD in taxes in 2015, ArmenTel came in 7th place overall. (It paid 10.2 billion less in taxes than in 2014).

Orange Armenia paid 3.4 billion in taxes in 2015 for a 35th place showing overall. (Its taxes dropped 687 million AMD from 2014). Orange Armenia, a subsidiary of France Telecom, was sold last year to Ucom.

During the period above, K-Telecom and ArmenTel have been among the top five largest taxpayers in Armenia.

In 2015, the top 1,000 taxpayers in Armenia paid a total of 696.5 billion ($1.4 billion) in taxes. The country’s three cell phone service operators paid 5.4% of this amount.

(Data taken from Armenia's Ministry of Finance)

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1. yvberj18:42 - 24 February, 2016
This is a typical Armenian press article that uses a lot of words, but tells you practically nothing. Who, What, Where, When and Why. ALL of those make up good news articles. You told us Who, What, Where and When, but you left out the most important aspect of the news. WHY. Why did they pay less? Are sales down, are they stealing, is the government not doing their job? What is the reason?
2. Seda12:54 - 25 February, 2016
yvberj, if you speak Armenian, you can read the Armenian variant of the article which is longer. But if not, I must mention that the reason of paying less taxes will be clear when the companies declare their annual financial reports.
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