Monday, 24 September

Vardan Ayvazyan is Again Given Green Light

When media outlets published articles concerning a drunken Minister of the Environment Vardan Ayvazyan shooting at seagulls with a pistol from the Sevan coast, he immediately and repeatedly denied the news.

He rejected it, since none of people surrounding him at the time would give testimony against him. When two months ago we wrote about how the Minister provided mining exploration licenses to his relatives and allies through the use of various organizations, the Minister kept silent and did not speak for two months. If there were inaccuracies in the publications, he would definitely “raise a clamor.”

In his interview to 168 Zham paper (May 31, 2007), Minister of Environment Vardan Ayvazyan said that he does not have a brother named Suren who owns Surart LLC, and he did not clarify that we had made a mistake by confusing his son with his brother. He did not state that Suren is not his brother, but his son. He, naturally, does not say that the “ Sur “ in Surart stands for his son Suren, while the “ art ” stands for Arthur Alexanyan. Perhaps Vardan Ayvazyan does not know that everything is saved at the State Registrar, and when a company is renamed or when its founders are changed, the history is nevertheless kept. The appropriate bodies also record this information, but they do not speak until they get an instruction to do so. There was not such an instruction in the case of Vardan Ayvazyan. Thus, his business will continue to prosper.

Why did Vardan Ayvazyan first speak two months after the publication? He has already solved his problems with the authorities, and it is possible that he will receive a new position of power. The Office of ROA Prosecutor General found out after the investigation of Hetq's article that no “law violations or indications of criminal actions were revealed” based on the published facts. We would like to remind the anti-corruption department at the office of the Prosecutor General of Armenia of just one article of the ROA Criminal Code––article 308 (Abuse of official powers).

That is how another story of Vardan Ayvazyan ended; he may continue making his business prosperous, may grant new mines to himself, his relatives or his subordinates. The President's Oversight Service is also investigating information concerning Ayvazyan's mines, the investigation has not finished yet, but one may assume what kind of conclusion the Service will give, considering that the Office of Prosecutor has already made its conclusion.

And the laws, about which heads of parties, deputies and ministers love to speak, they are in their pockets––the more full their pockets, the more they can tread upon the laws. They could kill a man and freely walk the streets, they could rape someone and become a deputy, and they can declare a struggle against corruption and just speak it for a hundred years.

P.S. On June 7th, The RA National Assembly elected Vardan Ayvazyan to chair the Standing Committee on Economic Affairs.

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