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Easter In Armenia: Local Eggs Aplenty

It’s just a few days before Easter and people will be dyeing eggs as tradition warrants.

So how is the egg supply in Armenia stacking up?

Turns out that the country didn’t need to import any eggs last year and so far this year. Local production was sufficient.

According to data provided Hetq by the State Food Safety Service, Armenia last imported eggs in 2014; 13.5 million to be exact.

Armenia imported 17.5 million eggs in 2013, none in 2012, and a whopping 31 million in 2011.

As for exports, Armenia hasn’t exported any eggs for the past five years, except for 28,000 in 2012.

However, Armenia did export eggs, loads of them, prior to 2009. In fact, Armenia was exporting 10 million or so every year, mainly to Georgia. Armenia’s neighbor to the north now produces enough to meet local consumption needs and imports from Turkey in a pinch.

Sergey Stepanyan, president of the Poultry Union of Armenia, says that there are ten egg producing companies in the country today. Together, they produce 600 million eggs yearly.

Egg production has hovered around 600 million annually for the past five years.

The largest producers are Lousakert Poultry (29%), Arzni Poultry (27%), Araks Poultry Plant, and Yerevan Poultry. The latter two together control 30% of the market.

Over the past five years, retail egg prices have ranged from 60-70 dram per egg. Producers sell the eggs for 48-50 dram.

In short, there should be enough eggs for Easter and prices are not expected to rise.

Photo:  www.status4ka.am

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