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Lawyer makes sensational statements about the murder of Tigran Naghdalyan

Russian Lawyer Oleg Yunoshev made sensational statements at a press conference he called on January 14th. Yunoshev represents in court the interests of the family of former Prime Minister Vazgen Sarkissyan, who was killed in the parliament shootings of October 27, 1999. He is convinced that Tigran Naghdalyan's murder is directly linked to the October 27th case. The Russian lawyer stressed that Tigran Naghdalyan was a very important witness in the case. If the court had considered the issue of whether the tape had been edited in a timely manner, and had taken the appropriate step of calling Naghdalyan into court, he would probably be alive today.

Yunoshev said that he has sufficient grounds to make such statement responsibly. He said Naghdalyan presented Nairi Hunanyan with false documents, which the terrorist used to enter the National Assembly. His most important allegation, however, concerns the videotape of the incident.

According to Yunoshev, Naghdalyan gave the investigators only one videotape, which, the lawyer stated many times, had been edited, with 11 minutes taken out. He maintains that the videotape could not have been edited without Naghdalyan's knowledge. "He did not do it out of self-interest, but at somebody's request or order. Naghdalyan would have been forced to tell the court why he had given the investigators only one tape," the Yunoshev said. A day before, in a January 14th interview, Military Prosecutor Gagik Jhangiryan did not deny that two original videotapes of October 27th existed. Both record the same events that took place in the National Assembly Hall on October 27, 1999.

Jhangirian noted that no one in the military prosecutor's office had doubted that the videotape in their possession was the original until the issue was raised in court. In court, Yunoshev requested that the videotape be examined by experts, but the court considered his request to be untimely. The lawyer sent the tape to Moscow at his own initiative. The Moscow experts asked to examine the equipment on which the recording had been done, But because they didn't receive it, they were unable to determine whether the tape had been edited or not. As Jhangirian stated during the same TV interview, the tape is now at the Ministry of Justice, and "Our experts are examining it".

Yunoshev also announced that Tigran Naghdalyan is the seventh person killed in relation to October 27th. Norair Yeghiazaryan, who sold the guns to the terrorists, was the first to die, of an electric shock while he was being held in jail. And the other five are representatives of power structures. "We have information about another five people killed who also are, in one way or another, connected to this crime, or had information on the possible involvement of high level officials of the Republic of Armenia to the crime. We will release the names of those people and we will demand that the appropriate investigation be carried out into their unnatural deaths" the lawyer said. He promised to publish the names at a later date. This raises some questions among many journalists as to how such information escaped our attention. Who are those five murdered people who had been informed about the planning and execution the crime of October 27th? This was in essence the most sensational part of the Russian lawyer's press conference.

"I think that none of those facts are accidental and they show that all those who have something to say about the events of October 27th are in real danger. Unfortunately, the price for being slow to listen to them is their lives" the Sarkissyan family lawyer concluded.

The Russian lawyer also informed us that in the near future he would present the court with new proof: new videotape recorded on the day of the terrorist attack. He said that this footage directly proves that there were military groups present in the immediate vicinity of the National Assembly Hall, who were not recognized as members of Hunanian's group and who disappeared afterwards.
The defense, the lawyer said, has witnesses who are ready to testify in court that October 27th was organized by the highest officials of the Republic of Armenia. This time, too, he named no names. He said only, "There are people who are ready to testify in court. Those people were interrogated but their testimony never reached the court". But if the court turns down his request and doesn't call new witnesses, Yunoshev will call another press conference and publish their testimony.

The information made public by Yunoshev is of interest from the point of view of the investigation into Naghdalyan's murder. The law enforcement agencies are obliged to look into this information immediately. Indeed, the military prosecutor's office called the lawyer in the very next day.

It is already clear that the subject that will be speculated upon most in the presidential election is October 27th. And Naghdalyan's murder will be closely linked to it.

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