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Felix Yayloyan's wrongdoings

We reported in February that because of an unlawful decision issued by Felix Yayloyan, former mayor of the Arabkir district of Yerevan, sixteen-year-old Badal Harutiunyan is out on the street. (see Hetq-online, February 6, 2003, The district mayor put a minor out on the street). From 1989 to 2000, Badal Harutiunyan, who had fled Baku, Azerbaijan with his father and grandmother, was housed in the basement of at 50 Baghramian Avenue, which was unfit for human habitation. In 2001, officials from the Arabkir mayor’s office deceived the family, promising to give them a new apartment at 43 Aghbiur St. Badal’s family moved to the first floor apartment, but before they had been there a month, his father and grandmother died. The fourteen-year-old boy was ordered to vacate the apartment by its real owner, Armik Minassyan, who had been asked by officials from the mayor’s office to let the Harutiunyans move in for a month.

And who did Felix Yayloyan give the family’s 99.3 square meter basement apartment at 50 Baghramian to? According to Arabkir District Council Decision # 99 of September 2002, it was leased for five years to the FSG Concern, CJSC. The Concern’s director is Yuri Amirkhanyan. The concern sells clothing, meat and meat products, and does woodworking and construction. Yayloyan put his deputy, F. Sargisyan, in charge of implementing the decision. The council members say they didn’t know that a minor had been put out on the street. But the district mayor, his deputy, and an official from the mayor’s office named Levon (Badal remembers only his first name) did know it.

One year later, as per order #103 of the Arabkir district mayor, the Baghramian Avenue space was sold to FSG Concern CJSC for $1,000. And again, F. Sargissyan was in charge of the deal.

Who does FSG Concern CJSC belong to? We found out that the same F. Sargissyan owns 90% of the company’s shares. Thus, the Arabkir district mayor, along with his deputy and the council members, put a refugee child out on the street and took possession of his apartment. And this is not the only unlawful thing Yayloyan did in Arabkir. We found out that the mayor’s office had hired FSG for all construction work in the district. It’s not yet clear how much money the mayor’s office transferred to the concern. The police and the prosecutor’s office also have information about the former mayor’s wrongdoing, but in all probability Yayloyan won’t be charged, since he was the chairman of one of Robert Kocharyan’s local campaign headquarters.

By the way, this May, Felix Yayloyan may become a member of parliament. He is a candidate to represent Arabkir.

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