Wednesday, 19 September

Scuffles Break Out in Yerevan's Liberty Square; Police Detain Public Debate Participants

Yerevan police detained Davit Sanasaryan, a Heritage Party member of the Yerevan Municipal Council, and several of the hundreds of individuals who had gathered in Liberty Square to hold a public discussion regarding yesterday’s armed seizure of a police building.

Sanasaryan had suggested that the crowd march to the Erebouni neighborhood where the police building is located.

Yerevan Police Chief Ashot Karapetyan approached Sanasaryan and told him “today is not the day for such a march.”

Minutes later, police converged on Sanasaryan and led him away to a waiting car.

Scuffles then erupted between police and those in attendance. Police did not permit any march from happening.

Deputy Chief of Police Hunan Poghosyan arrived on the scene and advised people from marching towards Erebouni, saying such a move would just incite an already tense situation.

Poghosyan told the crowd that negotiations were underway with the armed Sasna Dzrer group that yesterday seized the police building.

He said that law enforcement wasn’t planning to storm the building any time soon.

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1. Հայկ20:56 - 18 July, 2016
Ովքեր են․․․Դավիթ Սանասարյան, Սիփան Փաշինյան
2. Dzmitry22:23 - 18 July, 2016
Ребята, что у вас там происходит?
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