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Boycott Turkish Goods? – Armenia Can’t Seem to Get Enough

Despite on and off again public calls in Armenia to “Stop Buying Turkish Goods”, the country can’t seem to get enough.

Retail stores in Yerevan and beyond are chock full of Turkish stuff – from coffee makers toTupperware, from household cleaners to clothing, from citrus fruits to wood items. Like it or not, Turkish imports enjoy a large market share.

In the spring, the Armenian government even discussed the matter. In May Prime Minister HovikAbrahamyan had the final say, announcing that the government would not ban Turkish goods.

It all comes down to the individual consumer when it comes to buying Turkish imports.

Data shows that Turkish imports this year continue apace with last year and that consumers, despite the boycott calls, continue to buy them.

According to the National Statistical Service (NSS), Armenia imported US$61.1 million worth of Turkish consumables in the first half of 2016. This is a mere 1.3% drop ($774,000) form the same period last year.

Armenia exported just $227,000 worth of goods to Turkey. Talk about a trade imbalance.

In terms of the overall trade that Armenia has internationally, Armenia-Turkey commerce comprise 2.7% in the first half of 2016. Armenian exports to Turkey comprised 0% of overall exports and 4.2% of imports.

Armenia: Imports from Turkey

2012: $92.1 million

2013: $89.2 million

2014: $106.2 million

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Comments (8)
1. Arman Grigorian20:57 - 18 August, 2016 more time. This numbers doesn't sup rise me. Armenian government are group of thief's and stupid bone heads. According international banking watch dog between 2002 and 2013 around $6.0 billion illegal money was transferred from Armenia to outside Banks. As far I know Armenian owes $5.0 billion to foreign countries. This is not a rocket science to compare this two numbers. If our government continue way they manage the country like last twenty five years I think twenty five years from now we not going to have Armenia.
2. sos12:13 - 19 August, 2016
There is no need for Armenian's to buy products from Turkey. Even the simplest items such as paper towels, toilet paper, napkins and such are being manufactured in Armenia!! Food stuffs have been manufactured in Armenia for years now. This industry is growing. As far as produce is concerned, just ask if its from Turkey and the supermarket employee is up front and honest.
3. Iranian14:54 - 19 August, 2016
If a house is surrounded with four other hoses or neighbors, is it wise to make peace with two of them, and start war or bad relations with the other two? You can decide for up to 25 more years ahead if you have not tasted the reprecussions of this policy for the last 25 years. Evaluate objectively how much you had made progress if the two opposing neighbors would have been your friends too?
4. Hagop05:27 - 22 August, 2016
@Iranian. You have absolutely NO CLUE what you're talking about. If you really are an Iranian - of Persian descent - I bet you wouldn't be talking so rosy about "neighbors" if they were occupying 90% or Iran and most of your race was outside of your 10% leftover of a nation.
5. joe07:21 - 22 August, 2016
@ Iranian, Like saying Iran would have been better of if it embraced Israel? Seriously, the Armenian race was nearly liquidated 100 years ago by the very friends you ask us to make. Today Turks not only enjoy the results in both land and wealth stolen but of course deny it completely. Armenians to most are the boogie man as we are "the most serious threat to their national security" because of that very fact of the genocide. How can one be friends with that?
6. Iranian11:10 - 23 August, 2016
Hagop & Joe. If what you say must be true, then let's wait for 25 more years to see how Armenia gets out of this predicament. What I meant was that there is more than one way to skin a cat. I do not think that the policy followed thus far has produced satisfactory results for Armenians. The recent problems and protests provide evidence for the poor policy of not reconciling, or otherwised, with two strong neighbors, Turkey and Azerbaijan. Relations with these two countries will provide thousands of jobs inside Armenia for the good young people and will prevent them from migrating them to Russia to find work. However, let's be patient and see what happens for a poor nation such as Armenia with this mindset and policy. It is really a very good and beautiful country as I recently visited it. People are good like most of the Armenians living in Iran. Wish success for all the Armenians who think for humanity, more than nationality.
7. Hagop08:59 - 25 August, 2016
@Iranian, your ideas are making too many assumptions and ignoring history which is why it doesn't work. And why do you take the Azeri/Turkish perspective of "we did nothing wrong" and not the Armenian perspective that past wrongs and crimes will need to be corrected in order for people to live as neighbors? Turkey and Azerbaijan are impostor states who had to commit genocides in order to start their criminal nations on top of the lands of indigenous Armenians. Armenians will never give up their pursuit of restoring our country. And that starts with so-called "Azerbaijan" who has a lot of giving to do. Ironically, this is actually very beneficial for Iran itself as well, but unfortunately, Iran is blinded by "Islamic brotherhood". Your proposal for Armenians to "think for humanity more than nationality" should actually firstly be directed at so-called "Azerbaijan" and next at Turkey. Your concept is an Islamic one, and naturally Islamic nations should follow their own rules, should they not? Too bad Turkey and "Azerbaijan" have fooled the Islamic world that they are "Muslims". Here is a hint for you: when it came to committing genocides, theft and looting, Islam was the last thing on the minds of these Turks, and in fact they abused the religion of Islam to commit their crimes for the benefit of their so-called "nationality". Bottom line, Turkism is incompatible with humanity. And in the next 25 years, the relations with Armenians and Azeris will likely be a lot worse than it is now, it is too late to go back.
8. Iranian21:51 - 2 September, 2016
Hagop. I do not take the perspective of Turks or Azeris. My point is another thing. From the way you write in English, I gather that you might be in America now or somewhere like that. My question is: Can Americans be drived out of America by Indians (red indigineous people who were there before Americans arrived), claiming that Americans have built America on their soil? World affairs do not work as you put above. I think you agree with me in this. Remember that Iran was greater than it currently is. Even Yerevan was part of it before. Can we restore Yerevan to Iran, claiming that it was part of Iran? No. The world is running on a different game. You are well aware of that. But I am going to close this discussion here and wish you all Armenians and Azeris peace and prosperity. That is all I can say. Stay happy.
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