Tuesday, 18 September

Who owns the biggest castle in Karabakh?

The biggest castle in Nagorno Karabakh belongs to Prosecutor General Mavrik Ghukasyan. Of course, no one doubts that it was built with the fruits of honest labor. Ghukasyan had been saving his salary throughout his working life, and this year, his childhood dream of living in a palace fit for a king has come true. We talked to one government functionary who is sure that the castle will become a kindergarten or a museum within a few years. Remember how former minister of defense and national hero Samvel Babayan’s house was confiscated and turned into a kindergarten after his arrest in 2000. Of course, Ghukasyan’s house surpasses Babayan’s in size, appearance and furnishings. Maybe it will be a high school one day.

However, as politicians often say, you can never predict exactly what’s going to happen. People in Karabakh have never forgotten the gold and diamonds shown on TV after Babayan was arrested. His property was valued at $3 million. But ordinary Karabakhtsis are asking each other what happened to the jewelry, especially Babayan’s three black diamonds. Probably journalist Hamlet Ghushchyan knows the answer to this question, since he was commissioned by the Karabakh government to shoot a film about Babayan, and he saw the jewelry with his own eyes, filmed it, and showed it to the public. By virtue of his office, Prosecutor General Mavrik Ghukasyan should know the answer too.

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