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95% of Broadband Internet Market in Armenia Controlled by 5 Companies

Today, in Armenia, four companies import international internet streams: ArmenTel’s Beeline, Rostelecom, Karabakh Telecom’s VivaCell, and Ucom.  

As of July 1, 2016, 89 companies offer internet accessibility in Armenia, this per the Public Services Regulatory Commission.

The internet can be accessed via cell phone, mobile broadband and landline broadband. Beeline and Ucom offer all three. VivaCell subscribers get the first two. Rostelecom only offers the last variety.

Only three of the companies offering internet services allow internet accessibility via the phone; that’s to say only the cell operators Beeline, VivaCell and Ucom.

VivaCell is the outright leader of the three. Given that VivaCell has the largest number of cell phone subscribers (2.1 million) these numbers come as no surprise. Beeline follows in second place (863,562) and Ucom is in third (486,672).

Of the 3.456 million cell phone subscribers of the above three companies combined, 1.794 million (52%) use the phone to access the internet.

VivaCell enjoys a 66% share with 1.191 million subscribers, followed by Beeline, 19% (337,895 subscribers) and Ucom 15% (264,973 subscribers).

Broadband Internet

In terms of broadband subscribers, Ucom leads the pack as of June 30, 2016.

95% of the broadband market is controlled by Beeline, Rostelecom, VivaCell, Ucom and a company called Interactive TV. The remaining 5% is shared by 84 smaller outfits.

Here’s the subscriber breakdown:

Ucom: Fixed (79,853), Mobile (120,823)

Beeline: Fixed (142,607), Mobile (42,644)

VivaCell: Mobile (67,605)

Rostelecom: Fixed (35,819)

Interactive TV: Fixed (5,212)

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